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The Harley Laser Specialists is a bespoke private laser treatment clinic offering a high-value service at an affordable cost. 

Physical appearance can be a very large aspect to a person’s daily life, excessive or unsightly hair, stained teeth, or uneven skin texture can be upsetting for both men and women whether it’s on the face or body it can be inconvenient or problematic.

There are many methods to treat the above mentioned however you may find they are time-consuming and there can be a number of disadvantages that include adverse reactions and ongoing expense however our treatments are gentle, effective and efficient. Advanced technology allows the most rapid results without having to risk or compromise the safety of your skin.

Alongside our main treatment which is laser hair removal, we also have many other treatments which we have progressed and excelled in, this includes acne treatments, chemical peels, enlarged pores/indentation, pigmentation, Rosacea, thread veins, laser teeth whiteningfat reduction, and cellulite treatment, skin firming/body smoothing, pre and post liposuction, and dermal fillers.

The Harley Laser Specialists is located at 1-7 Harley Street London. At our London Laser Clinic we use advanced technology (FDA approved) IPL hair removal systems, for a fast and permanent, most successful result for unwanted hair. The fusion CRF (cavitational radio frequency) is utilised for the reduction of fat and cellulite, and C-Blue light is used for the removal of heavy stains on the teeth and also used for whitening of the teeth.

London Laser clinic

Our experienced team will provide you with excellent service at the prestigious standards of Harley Street London renowned for its medical and cosmetic expertise.

We are licensed by the City of Westminster council and were also previously registered with the Care Quality Commission which has now out scoped registration for laser treatment clinics.

Our London Laser Clinic specialists use the latest technology and follow strict operational procedures.

The Harley Laser Specialists are constantly monitored by our laser protection supervisor (LPS) and our laser protection adviser (LPA) to ensure that our treatments are practiced in a safe environment.

Our London laser treatment service begins when you say hello.

Making sure that each and every one of our clients are comfortable and relaxed is our first priority. Discover what some of our celebrity clients have to say.

Abigail Clarke TV Personality - TOWIE

Thank you so much for my treatment the most amazing service ever and the most friendly lovely people would recommend to everyone can wait to come back.

Abigail Clarke

“The treatment is was amazing, the staff was not only lovely, but the treatment was fab! I am coming back for sure to the Harley street laser clinic!”

Gabrilla Gatehouse
Miss Universe Model

“I absolutely love The Harley Laser Specialists, they offer such a range of amazing treatments in such a great, friendly, inviting environment.”

Lydia Rose Bright
TV Personality – TOWIE

“Thanks to everybody at the Harley Street Clinic. The whole experience was impeccable and I’d recommend them to everyone!”

DJ Colin Francis
London’s Celebrity DJ

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