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£69 in clinic testing, SAME DAY RESULTS via SMS & Email (Fit to work Fit To Fly PCR Test )- PCR Covid 19 Tests

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£99 in clinic testing 2-3 hours results via SMS and email Certificate on Harley Street headed letter (Fit To Fly Test ) (PCR Test)

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covid-19 kit

Package 3

£149 home call restricted to Greater London plus 5 hours results via SMS emailed certificate (Fit to Fly Covid Test) (PCR Covid) Offer Expires 23/03/2022

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020 7580 5720 | 020 7307 8770
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About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is a vicious disease that affects your lungs causing restriction to your airways, finally causing breathing difficulties mainly to the elderly however recent discovery has seen much younger severe cases.

The most common symptoms associated with Coronavirus-19  are high fever, muscle pain, shortness of breath, tiredness and a dry tickly cough, but symptoms can take up to 2 weeks for any symptoms to appear hence the coronavirus is easily passed to others, hence it is vital and crucial to keep the Covid-19 test kits to hand in order to be able to self isolate early and build up your immune system.

COVID-19 Instant test kit identifies a body’s response to the covid-19 virus after the onset of an infection, and gives 97% accurate Yes or No result within a 10 minutes time frame

The Covid -19  test kit  is simple to use as a finger-prick sample is needed to function the cassette , Just like a home diabetics test kit.


RT PCR Molecure assay for the presence of sars-cov2 (covid-19 PCR TEST)

The Test is public health england approved MHRA approved and is performed to the ISO 15189 standards.

 Test specific for COVID-19?

The IgG that the test detects is specific to COVID-19, so a positive result would indicate COVID-19 infection it would also detect infection of the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Advisory note: All covid 19 Test  results should be interpreted by a health care professional in the context of patient medical history and clinical symptoms. A Negative result for any PCR covid 19 Test does not conclusively rule out the possibility of infection, in case of emergency please call NHS 111 for advise this coronavirus test cannot rule out diseases caused by other pathogens.

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