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Nail Fungus Treatment London

The Harley Laser Specialists is a leading provider of professional and proven nail fungus treatments. Left untreated nail fungus can result in permanent irreversible nail damage or removal. Call us to today to discover how we can help you.

What is toe Nail Fungus (onychomycosis)

Nail fungal infections medically known as onychomycosis are very common – affecting up to one in fifteen of the UK population. On Average half of all nail related issues are related to fungus.

It is known to affect men more than females and is more highly common as one age’s.

It is more common on the toenails rather than fingernails due to this; the effects on the foot are more commonly mentioned. In both cases the laser treatment and subsequent end results are similar.

How long does a laser nail fungal session take?

Treatment time ranges between 15min-25min depending how many nails are infected.

Is nail fungal contagious?

Yes, nail fungal can be spread through direct contact.

What are the signs of nail fungal?

The signs of nail fungal are
1) Discolouration
2) Nail thickening
3) Dry/ brittle nails

How do you get rid of nail fungal?

Laser treatment is most affective however, over the counter products can be used.

How many laser treatments is needed to get rid of nail fungal?

Treatment can range from 1 session to 10 sessions with monthly intervals.

Does laser treatment really work to get rid of nail fungal?

Yes, We use the ND.YAG pinpoint laser. The heat from the laser penetrates through the nail onto the nail bed to dry and kill the infection. Multiple sessions may be needed.

How do you get nail fungal?

There are many ways fungus can develop
1) Being barefoot in public places eg; swimming pools.
2) Trauma to the nail, can weaken the nail plate therefore make you moreprone to getting the infection.
3) Age
4) Previous Skin infections/ athletes foot.

My nails are turning a different colour do I have nail fungal?

Discolouration of the nail may be a sign you have a fungal infection. If unsure you can book in for a consultation with our specialist.

How does laser nail fungal treatment work?

We use the ND.YAG pinpoint laser. The heat from the laser penetrates through the nail onto the nail bed to dry and kill the infection. Multiple sessions may be needed.

Is laser nail fungal painful?

Laser is not painful, you feel a sharp heat but you can continue with your day to day activities as normal.

Can I walk after a laser nail fungal treatment?

Yes there is no down time.

Are the results instant after a nail fungal treatment?

Results are seen from 4 weeks after the treatment. As the nail grows out from the matrix you will see the healthy nail coming through.

Are the results guaranteed for the fungal to clear?

Results are not guaranteed, however we have an 85% success rate of completely clearing the fungal with enough sessions of laser.

How do I know I have toenail fungus?

Nail fungal infections are commonly unsightly. The fungal nail becomes thickened and discoloured; it can turn yellow-orange, brown or white. There can be black areas and bleeding due to trauma or areas appearing dark green if a bacterial infection is present.

The fungal nail itself can become brittle and is known to crumble and can lift from the end of the digit. Occasionally, debris will collect beneath the nail and become malodorous.

The Causes of Toe Nail Fungus?

Toe Nail fungal infections are often caused due to directly damaging the nail plate or seal. Skin infections or athlete’s foot conditions can invade the toenail resulting in the infection.

Warm, sweaty feet in shoes all day long will also provide a sufficient environment for fungus to develop.

Other common causes: Damage to the nail or biting the nail conditions such as diagnosed with diabetes or psoriasis, even a weak immune system, excessive smoking and generally having poor health, certain types of trauma, tightly fitted shoes, sharing washing facilities, and sharing nail equipment or footwear, poor foot hygiene, contaminated floors and lastly damp footwear.

Types of fungus caused in the nail are dermatophytes, candida and other types of yeasts and moulds that can produce in these conditions. Dermatophyte, trichophyton and Rubrum are the prime and most commonly known.

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

Our nail fungus laser treatment procedure begins with a free consultation and assessment of your affected fungal nails; we will answer questions and concerns you have on the nail fungus laser treatment.

The next step would be a test patch and then once deemed suitable your treatment can begin.

With our high Tec yag laser technology, the fungal nail is lasered within a grid pattern covering the complete affected area to ensure maximum results.

The ND Yag Laser passes heat through the nail allowing it to vaporise the nail fungus with its high energy it kills the fungus by reacting with the fungal cell walls, the fungus is within the nail complex which only the laser is able to target the fungal cell without harm or having to take oral prescriptions and topical products which do not have the ability to penetrate the nail bed.

The procedure itself takes no longer than 20 minutes depending on the number of affected fungal nails to be lasered. The results are impressive comparing to alternative oral medications or other topical products.

Our clients/patients during the nail fungus laser treatment feel a warm sensation under the nail whiles the laser is been used over the nail and instantly cools as the laser is moved across.

Our toenail fungus laser treatment will not harm your nail or surrounding skin and has no known side effects, the treatment is not surgical and no recovery period is given, It is also an approved treatment under the CE mark and FDA approved.

Our clients/patients do not usually notice any visible changes to the nail instantly after a toenail fungus laser treatment, repeated sessions of the nail laser treatment may be needed commonly up to 2 treatments spread over 3-4 weeks results are typically seen once the nail has fully grown out which can take up to a few months.

A special after care fungal product is given after the first treatment to help reduce any further spread of the toenail fungus.

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