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Dermapen Micro Needling London

Human skin is astoundingly good at resisting the effects of sunburn, aging and injuries. Our skin even puts up a fair bit of resistance against the continuous use of poor skin care products, but eventually, all of these will have their way and leave our skin with unsightly marks, scars and wrinkles.

Fortunately, at the Harley Street Laser Clinic in London, we have an effective answer to this: DEMAPEN Treatment. Dermapen micro-needling treatment helps restore confidence and flawless skin by tackling the adverse effects of aging, sunburn and injuries.

It works through the application of very tiny needles that stimulate the skin to produce elastin and other natural proteins that are responsible for keeping

skin supple and firm. As well as the extensive body area, Dermapen treatment is effective at treating an assortment of skin issues that affect even sensitive areas like the face and neck.

At the Harley Street Laser Clinic in London, we have successfully incorporated

the latest technology in Dermapen micro-needling treatment to deal with a range of dermatological problems. This includes indications of aging and fatigue. Though aging is a natural process, its emergence can be delayed by

using this treatment. Dermapen is also exceptionally effective in impairing the effects of scarring caused by serious injuries.

Other benefits of the treatment include a decrease in the production of melanin, which causes hyperpigmentation, and enhanced healing from sunburn. Best of all Dermapen treatment is harmless and very efficient in handling the sensitive sections of our skin.

What to expect – Dermapen micro needling treatment

Dermapen results show up instantly after undergoing the treatment. The outcome will also keep improving over time, which means one treatment is usually enough. However, better and longer-lasting results can be had with the recommended four to six sessions.

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How It Works

As the micro Dermapen needles penetrate your skin, they cause microscopic depressions. This means that you will hardly feel any pain as the needles puncture through the skin’s surface. In the process, the production of amino acids that repair your skin is stimulated and released.

Because of its gentleness and simplicity, recovery is quick and visual signs of healthier, stronger and vibrant skin quickly noticeable. In addition to impairing the effects of aging and injuries, your skin gets a better shade and becomes smoother.

What is the procedure?

Like any other form of treatment, we first identify the area that needs to be treated. Once done, the Dermapen is then moved over your skin many times. As mentioned earlier, it uses twelve fine needles that quickly vibrate sliding through the skin.

This produces a tingling effect which most people barely notice as the needles penetrate your skin’s subcutaneous layer. The average session lasts just 45 minutes and downtime is minimal.

Are their side effects?

The Dermapen treatment causes little distress. For minor treatments, you are likely to feel a tingling sensation while for more extensive treatments where the needles need to penetrate a little deeper, an anesthetic agent is administered.

Because of the natural proteins which are being produced, you are not likely to experience any serious after effects. However, you may see some redness on the pierced area after treatment, but this should fade away within a couple of hours.

Dermapen Treatment Prices

Face from £99.00
Face & Neck from £149.00
Body Area from £199.00
Extensive Body Area from £249.00

Dermapen Treatment
From £99

multiple packages & options
are available upon request

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    Have questions?

    Our experienced and professional staff are here to answer your questions and work with you to design a treatment package that's right for you.

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