An Introduction to Cryo-lipolysis Treatments

Nice lipo is the latest technology in banishing fat and cellulite from stubborn areas. A machine designed to freeze fat and cellulite cells which are then drained away by your body’s natural lymphatic system. Many methods which are invasive usually result in unwanted side effects such as bruising, risk of infection, swelling, painful blistering, numbness.

Our non-invasive method is free of many of the side effects which invasive methods will resolve in with little/no down time; this treatment proves excellent for those clients who want great effective results without the bed rest.

Nice lipo technically known as Cryo-lipolysis works by exposing the fat cells to cooling so that this created fat cell apoptosis. This is a natural controlled cell denaturing, which leads to the release of protein cells which help to transfer the fat and gradually eliminate them.

Your Fat Freeze Cryo-lipolysis Training Courses Offers You:

1)An intensive, certified training course, both theory and practical in Cryo-Lipo.

2)An extensive treatment guide.

3)Free support and aftercare.

What will cover in the training:

-The science theory behind using nice lipo.

-The structure of the adipose tissue.

-How fat deposits and genetics affects the skins appearance.

-Other methods of fat removal .

-Fat and negative effects on health.

-Health and safety.

-Meeting clients and expectations.

-Client consultation.

-How to use the medical information forms.

-Post treatment care.

Additional information

The training provided by the Nice Lipo Training academy is of the highest quality and is provided by an experienced technicians and trainers..

You will receive a formal certificate of competence to provide as evidence of your qualifications relation to the provision of treatments using nice lipo.

Training Is a one day course held on selected Friday or Sundays.

We are here to help you build a successful business our efficient team will help you kick start your business and introduce nice lipo to your current practice.

Prices £9000,000 : Nice Lipo 2 Machine with 4 hand pieces including training and Harley a Street Certification


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