Breast Enlargement & Butt Lift Training

There are many choices for breast enhancement treatments, but our Harley Street training academy offers one of the most effective breast enhancement treatments in the UK. Non-surgical, safe and effective, it’s the right choice for a variety of patients:

Women generally tend to consider breast enhancements for several reasons:

  1. They have small breasts.
  2. They have experienced a loss of volume and a shape change after the birth of a child.
  3. There is a loss of elasticity that has been caused by gravity over time, their age, or problems caused by exercise or environmental factors.

There is a gap in the market in the beauty industry for those want to offer this service. With Nice Lift there is a simple solution that is highly effective and completely non-invasive.

Our London-based specialist breast enhancement clinic has been helping women to feel good about themselves again. It’s an innovative solution that can increase the volume of breasts by up to two cup sizes.

We have deliver high-quality breast enlargement & butt lift training to multiple students. Our training ranges from laser treatments to teeth whitening, and we now offer training for non-surgical breast enlargement.

Course training facts

  • A Deposit of £200 is required to enrol.
  • One day face to face practical training – 1 model will be required with a small/medium breast size.
  • Recognised training certificate.
  • Machine & training included.
    No pre-qualifications needed.

On the 1 day training course the following will be covered;

  • Introduction of the machine
  • Science behind the treatment
  • Micro current benefits
  • Light therapy benefits
  • Vacuum benefits
  • Client Consultations
  • Contraindications
  • Live practical treatments
  • Marketing & business advice
  • Before and after care
  • Hygiene & sterilisation
  • Health and safety
  • Maintenance of the machine
  • Insurance and machine cover
butt lift training

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Multiple Course Packages &
Options Are Available

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      Training packages

      Package 1

      £1297 | 1 Year Warranty

      • Nice Lift desktop machine.
      • 3 sets of different sized enhancement cups.
      • Gripping gel.
      • 1 day training. (Online training also available)
      • Recognised Harley Street trained certificate.
      • Online or face 2 face training option available in 2024-2025

      Package 2

      £3200 | 1 Year Warranty

      • Nice Lift stand-up machine.
      • 3 sets of different sized enhancement cups.
      • Gripping gel.
      • 1 day training.
      • Recognised Harley Street trained certificate.
      • call for additional dates  24/06/2024  – 24/07/2024 -25/09/2024

      Here’s how the different processes work to enhance your breasts:

      1. The Vacuum Cup: Blood circulation in the pectoral muscles is stimulated through suction which feeds the lymphatic glands. This results in a plumping effect to the surface of the skin.
      2. Micro Current Therapy: Application of micro current firms the breasts and causes the skin to feel tighter. This is achieved by the therapy toning the muscles in a similar way to exercise, but in a very targeted area.
      3. Light Therapy: This process rebuilds skin elasticity and smooths away surface imperfections. Conditions including age spots, stretch marks, dimples, and even cellulite can be treated with light therapy, giving a smoother appearance and a firmer feel.

      Typical Profit chart (Based on £55 per session)

      Number of clients per dayProfit per dayProfit per week Profit per month 

      The science behind how Nice Lift works

      For effective non-surgical breast enhancement, the muscle tone in and around the breast area needs to be improved. The Nice Lift procedure simply ‘stimulates’ the muscles which improves firmness and increases cup size easily. It sounds straightforward, but how does it actually work?

      Your breasts are made from a type of muscle called pectoral muscles which can be found in the upper area of the chest, between the breasts, and in the armpit. They keep the breasts in place and are responsible for forming the basic shape of your breasts.

      The pectoral muscles are vitally important in this regard, and the middle and lower part of the muscle shapes your cleavage and affects the shape seen around your clavicle. Should the pectoral muscles become weak, the shape will not be as desired. This can occur due to the stresses of childbearing, or even through strenuous exercise. The muscles will stretch and tear which can leave you with sagging breasts.

      Even healthy pectoral muscles that are small or flat will affect the appearance of your chest.

      Nice Lift breast enhancements at Harley Street can be used to correct these problems by stimulating blood flow in the tissue of the muscles. This builds collagen which is the protein tissue that is responsible for building muscle, thereby restoring and improving the appearance of your breasts.

      Training is available on selected dates. For further information or to enrol please contact us on 02075805720

      Nice Bum™ Lift and Enhancement:

      Many people like to look after their figure and have it a certain shape. The Nice bum lifting and enhancements works on the client’s buttocks. This is a non-surgical procedure that works on all age groups. This innovative technology works on making the skin firmer, more round, tightening the area, which as a result lifts the area dramatically. There is no downtime and the client will have enhanced bum shape with smooth skin. This procedure is safe and very effective; a full consultation is required to assess the amount of sessions needed in order to achieve maximum results.

      The machine has multiple sizes of suction hand pieces which is used from the lower thighs upwards towards the buttocks to tighten the skin, break down any fat deposits, reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten the back of thighs. The suctions create a lymphatic drainage as the movement are made towards the lymphatics nodes. For enlargement and lifting the suctions cups are placed over the buttocks for 30 minutes. According to the clients desired results the settings are configured on the machine. After the 30 minutes are over the clients can see instant results. In order to maintain the results, several sessions may be needed.