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Teeth Whitening Custom Trays

The Harley Laser Specialists provide Custom Fit Tooth Whitening Dental Trays as the most convenient option to whitening your teeth when on the move, at home or at work.

Custom Dental Trays London

Custom trays are designed to fit the dimension of your teeth so that they can be attached to your teeth without being uncomfortable and would allow the bleaching agent to sit directly against your teeth. You will find that as your teeth will be enveloped in the bleaching agent they will eventually give you a longer lasting and whiter result, as opposed to having in clinic treatments alone.Teeth Whitening Custom Trays

The custom trays are so secure and flexible; they feel so light as though you are not wearing anything. The trays can be worn whenever you like and it is a convenient option to whitening your teeth when on the move, such as on your travels or just before an event.

It is ideal to use the custom trays consecutively as advised by your practitioner to attain the best whiteness. The custom trays will then be used as a top-up treatment and can be carried a couple of times a week, at a maximum of 60 minutes each time. These will easily lighten your teeth without the expense of you having to visit a clinic to have you teeth whitened again professionally.

Using the bleaching trays prior to your blue light in clinic treatment will allow you to get brighter and whiter results which can be long-lasting, as your teeth will be accustomed to whitening treatment. This will then result in you only having to do top ups when you need, which can then again easily be done by using the custom trays, rather than having to visit a clinic again and again to achieve the desired whiteness. This can be easily achieved by using the custom trays as directed.

Dentists usually recommend you using custom bleaching trays before and after your professional blue light whitening treatment, as you will get the most optimum end result, with a longer lasting result.

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