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The award-winning hydro facial consists of 6 steps to leave you with healthy glowing skin. Helps fight hyper pigmentation, acne, fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydro Facial treatment is a non-invasive, 6-step treatment, Please click to see each step.


£129 for 1 Session


£129 for 1 Session

Step 1: Bubble pen

Using with cream cleanser, mixed with water and shake, put the solution bottle back on the machine, click “start”, the bubbles will spray from the handle, click “stop” when the bubbles cover the face.

Step 2: Hydro dermabrasion

hydro dermabrasion vacuum suction Mechanism to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and polish the skin surface.

Step 3: Diamond dermabrasion (VAC)

laser cut tips to gently abrade the upper layer of the skin to polish the skin surface. While vacuum removes particles and impurities and dead cells.

Step 4: Skin scrubber

it uses ultrasound technology that vibrates at approximately 24000 vibration / second to offer deep exfoliation.  Ultrasound technology to gently exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells and impurities. Ultrasonic waves help loosen and remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from pores in order to achieve a noticeably radiant, healthy glow.

Step 5: Ultra sonic Face

similar to the scrubber handle it uses vibrational therapy to stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and infuse products into skin.

Step 6: Micro current radio frequency

it uses micro current Works by generating a bio-electrical pulsating current between the treatment poles. The current generated is a low voltage similar to the current produced by our body.

Step 7: Bio micro current

tiny electrical current or low level electrical currents that function with your body’s natural current at cellular level. It can be used to enhance circulation. Reduce the appearance of acne and repair wound and tissue for more healthy skin since it speeds up the skin’s natural regeneration.

Additional handle Lymphatic drainage

The suction works like a vacuum, pulling the blood up to the skin’s surface; this increases blood flow to the area of skin underneath the cup, which promotes the formation of new blood vessels.

Step 8: Ultra sonic eye

Similar to scrubber handle it uses vibrational therapy mechanism to stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and infuse products into skin.

Step 9: Spray mist gun/ Spray

fill the glass bottle with mixture of powerful antioxidant or toner/ rose water which is delivered to the skin to boost hydration.

Step 10: High frequency

it uses alternating current to stimulate and heal the skin.  The high frequency generates warmth in the skin and stimulates the nerve endings. this in turn,

increases oxygen to the skin
Encourage health cell function
Promotes skin healing

Step 11: LED/ PDT

LED/ “Magic light therapy” uses photon power (light energy) therapy that is transferred to cell energy. Is thought to be able to reduce breakouts, rosacea symptoms, psoriasis and other side-effects of inflammation.

Step 12: Ice head

The ice head works as an anti-inflammatory that helps reduces and heal acne. It calms and soothes inflamed skin and minimizes the size of your pores. It also reduces the excess sebum production that is the main culprit behind acne.


Optional step and hand piece

Price List

1 Session£160
3 sessions£450
8 sessions£900
12 sessions£1100

Payment plans accepted

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hydra 02 facial treatment?

The hydra 02 facial treatment is a deep cleansing treatment that unclogs pores cleanses the area and tightens the skin the overall, it’s a 7 step facial and different hand pieces are used during the treatment. Its oxygen infused and this allows the skin cells regenerate and as a result the client will have amazing results. The during the treatment the following hand pieces are included hydra dermabrasion and crystal dermabrasion , this removes dead skin cells and vitamin C is used to allow the break down on the dead skin cells. Ultra –sonic skin scrubber is used to eliminate white head and black heads. The vitamin infusion is used to hydrate the skin a mixture of vitamin is sprayed over the skin to give instant results. Ultra-sonic is used to allow deep penetrating of the products in to the skin, towards the end of the session it radio frequency is used to tighten the skin it’s great for lifting an countering the jawline area, it stimulate collagen production as well. The final step is the cryo hammer which shrinks the pores brings down the redness in the skin and locks in the moisture.

Why the hydra 02 is facial called the red carpet facial?

Another name of the hydra 02 facial is red carpet facial the reason for that is because you can do the facial 1-2 days before any event such as wedding, graduation, birthday party, anniversary, special date, or even just on regular bases to keep you skin glowing for the whole month. It also recommended to ingest Fulvic acid, adding few drops to your water will internally cleanse your body and detox which as a result allow new skin cells to grow skin to be smoother and tighter.

How many sessions are required for you to see good results with the hydra 02 facial treatment?

The hydra 02 facial is instant results, with one session you will see amazing session. We recommend 3-6 session for dramatic results. Also adding Fulvic acid to your diet will allow result to last longer.

How often do I need to have the hydra 02 facial treatment?

It is recommended to have the treatment every 4 weeks to keep the skin in good condition and delay the signs of ageing. In between sessions we recommend you to add few drop of Fulvic acid to your water to cleanse and detox your body internally and use hyaluronic acid infused with Fulvic acid serum your skin 3 times a week to maintain your results and hydrate the skin and allow cell turnover.

Will the skin become worse if I stop hydra 02 facial treatment?

No the skin will not become worse, the treatment will only make the state of the skin better visibly, however we do recommend a healthy lifestyle and using the correct products in your skincare regime, it is essential to add Fulvic acid to your water everyday tl cleanse and boost the regeneration of skin cells and collagen production and also to add the hyaluronic acid infused with Fulvic acid serum to your skin 3 times a week.

What is the cost of the Hydra 02 facial treatment?

The cost is £160 for a single session
Three sessions £450
Eight sessions £800

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