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AQ Hair Loss Solutions London – (Human Growth Factor)

Please Note, Home treatments available only.

Many people presume that when you start to lose hair or when hair starts to thin away, it is the body’s natural response to growing age, and many suffer trying to accept this. The Harley Laser Specialists hair loss solutions can help you regrow your hair so contact us today for more information.

AQ Hair Loss Solutions London

With many other treatments on the market, it can be tricky to decide which treatment to go ahead with and which treatment would work best for you. With many over the counter products unsuccessful and surgical procedures too daring to undergo, we at The Harley Laser Specialists have found a great non-invasive treatment with proven results to strengthen your hair growth which may have thinned over time and regrow hair you have lost.

Our professional treatment is fast, easy and effective. Treatment duration is

approximately an hour and there are 5 visits, each visit being a week apart, this 5-week course would be referred to a course. On each of the visit, your scalp

would be derma stamped and the growth factor advanced hair complex will be applied to the skin, there will be nothing for you to do after you leave in terms of aftercare however some clients may be provided with a take-home serum.

AQ Hair Regrowth Formula

The AQ patented growth factor is scientifically conditioned to help your hair follicles stimulate the production of hair growth.

Derma stamping is excellent for those clients who have been suffering from hair loss, have fine hair or have been slowly losing their hair. When someone is losing hair it can be a scary and terrifying experience, so the last thing a person would want is to carry out invasive surgery or complicated treatments. Our derma stamp method is quick, easy and has very little pain involved.

Treatment takes no longer than 40 minutes on a full head and we can treat men and women. There is no need to shave the hair, take any samples or use anesthetic. The treatment protocol is the same as when treating the face, however, a hair complex is applied to the scalp whilst the scalp has been microstamped, this hair complex will help to regenerate hair growth which has slowed down or stopped growing.

The advanced hair complex serum which is applied after the treatment area nourishes the hair follicles back to the state of ideal health. Healthy hair grows from the follicles which are surrounded by stem cells, these are crucial for the development of healthy hair, without these stem cells you will have poor/little hair growth.

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    The advanced hair complex is full of growth factor cells which are designed to support the stem cells for the production of healthy hair. Not only does the advanced hair complex help to grow hair it will also condition your scalp.

    As many other methods, this derma stamping method does not just mask the issue of the hair loss, by covering it up, by say introducing hair from other parts of the body to disguise the hair loss or thinning. The advanced hair complex uses a cutting edge formulation creating a healthy scalp which will without doubt create and generate healthy hair.

    AQ Hair Loss Solutions London Before and After

    This advanced hair complex formula is odorless, non-greasy and has absolutely no side effects.  This in clinic treatment is a professional treatment and is effective in treating thinning hair, hair loss, hardening of the scalp and weak hair.

    Studies find that clients find a great result post-treatment with a healthier scalp and fuller hair growth.

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