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The Harley Laser Training Academy provides specialist training for those individuals wishing to broaden their prospects into working with IPL, ND YAG and other Diode Lasers. We provide training to private Doctors, NHS staff, beauty salons, health clubs, spas, and private cosmetic clinics. Those students that do not have a medical/beauty background are still able to attend the course. We are a specialist center for laser hair removal on 1-7 Harley Street; we have been providing clients with an excellent service for many years. We consider ourselves to be the best provision for your laser training needs; we offer a very thorough training course providing the most robust information and practical training to allow each individual attending the course feeling competent to work alone with an IPL/ND YAG/Diode Laser machinery.

The Harley Laser Specialists is a recognized CIBTAC & VTCT accredited school. CIBTAC is an international awarding body for beauty education, courses and therapists. Our courses are run and taught by CIBTAC certified staff, you will find that within the course you will be trained to meet the industries standards. CIBTAC/VTCT students are some of the best trained in the industry and are deemed highly skilled and are sought after by practices and clients.

Laser Training and Courses London Example

The CIBTAC / VTCT training course will include theoretical knowledge, practical training and also includes the core of knowledge which is fundamental in being a fully qualified laser therapist. Examinations will be taken to ensure every student is fully capable of carrying out successful treatments. You will find all your training needs will be met with our intensive CIBTAC training course where you will learn so much about lasers and the laser industry. CIBTAC

We pride ourselves in our IPL,ND YAG ,Diode Laser training, on the Laser treatment courses you would meet our experienced team of laser practitioners, laser consultants, laser protection advisors and laser protection supervisors who have been working with and educating people in IPL’s and ND YAG Laser for many years.students will be sure to find that they will be taught to the best standards and will have thorough knowledge on the subject after their training and will be able to work efficiently once they have completed.

Our laser training center is fully equipped with full access to our treatment rooms; our team of professionals which present the laser course to you are amongst some of the best in their fields, with years of experience and training behind them. They have written for numerous peer-reviewed journals on the use of ND YAG, IPL. Diode  devices. Course material will be given to take away for further revision and to look back on once your training is complete. Students will be kept to a minimum on each training course as we understand the need for more focused learning, and with one to one with the tutor. Our tutors understand the needs of the medical and beauty therapy sectors regarding the use of IPL Laser and ND YAG device treatments therefore can deliver your training to you according to your place of work.

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    We have successfully treated over 50,000 clients for laser treatments at our practice on Harley Street, therefore, hold a vast amount of experience. Laser hair removal is a rapidly growing business; it has become largely popular in the last few years. Its rapid interest growth has led to growing demand from businesses to start offering this treatment.

    The potential of inviting laser treatments to your practice can lead to the expansion of your establishment and bring a profitable increase to your business. Laser hair removal is more beneficial than introducing any other hair removal methods in terms of making an increase in profits and having a larger clientele base.

    Laser Hair Removal Earning Potential

    The diagram above demonstrates that the income from laser hair removal is surely more beneficial than any other method of hair removal.

    We provide flexible laser courses that can accommodate most students, whether you are searching for a training course where you receive IPL and Laser hair removal training alone, or whether you are searching for training which provides everything to start your business from beginning to end.

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    For those students who need a helping hand in starting up there business in IPL hair removal treatments, our business component of the course, explains the fundamental elements of running an IPL business, it runs through what paperwork you require clients to fill out, how to keep an eye on the shot count and knowing when to change machine parts, and also giving you an idea of estimated income, how to take payments and client data storage.

    The practical element of the course involves demonstrations of the laser treatment, so the student can get hands on experience under the supervision of the tutor you will be run through how to deliver a thorough pre-treatment consultation and post-treatment care advice, if there any contraindications of the treatment, how photosensitising medication can affect a treatment and how to properly deliver an effective and efficient treatment. We can offer an extensive course of an extra day on the practical element of the course to provide those students with the extra support and practical training they need.

    Upon completion of your training you will receive 3 certificates of attendance from The Harley Laser Training Academy, this will demonstrate you are competent in giving valuable information and being able to treat clients with an IPL or other Laser device’s, you will have the correct training in compliance with the current legislation and you have been trained by a reputable training academy in the heart of London. Take advantage of the in depth laser training that we offer.

    Laser Training Level Packages Options & Prices

    Package 1 : Level 3 VTCT
    Price: £399.00
    Package 2 : VTCT Qualification NVQ Level 4 in Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation inc. Harley Street Trained Certification.
    Price: £1499.00
    Package 3 : Cibtac Qualification NVQ Level 4 in Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation inc. Harley Street Trained Certification.
    Price: POA (contact us)
    Next Courses : 26th september 2023 – 02/10/2023- 16/11/2023- 07/12/2023 – 23rd January 2024 – for additional dates please inquire 

    Laser Hair Removal Machine Packages

    Harley Streets 3D special Laser with 3 wavelengths (Alexandrite 755nm + Diode 808nm + YAG 1064nm ) can penetrate to the hair follicles. Using selective laser light absorption , the laser light can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, destroying the hair follicle and oxygen organization around hair follicle. The 3D Laser, system has a special cooling technology to cool the skin which protects the skin allowing the treatment to be almost pain free.
    In the crowded field of high energy-based laser hair removal systems, our 3D machine stands out of the competition by offering cutting-edge technology for effective, fast and virtually painless treatments.

    Package 1

    3D Laser Rental Machine

    • £2500, Refundable Deposit
    • £100 rental per week
    • 3 months minimum rental term
    • Unlimited lamps shots and service included

    Package 2


    Full ownership purchase not currently available

    Used machines available for sale please inquire for current brands and  stock


    The Power of Three Wavelength

    As an integrated solution, our machine combines the benefits of all 3 wavelength, achieving excellent results than any mono-wavelength approach on its own.

    Premium USA Military Grade Laser Generator

    We utilize a superior laser generator imported from the USA to ensure quality and performance, hence even under high-intensity settings and any variety of harsh working conditions ie hot weather. The lifespan of laser generator will last up to 20 million shots, which guarantees the capacity of working continuously for 24/7

    Alex 755nm Wavelength

    For light skin and fine hair. The Alexandrite wavelength offers more powerful energy absorption by the melanin chromophore, making it ideal for the widest range of hair types and color-especially light-colored and thin hair. With more superficial penetration, the 755 wavelength targets the bulge of the hair follicle and is especially effective for superficially embedded hair in area such as the eyebrows and upper lip.

    Diode 808nm Wavelength

    Half the treatment time. The classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 808nm wavelength offers deep penetration of the hair follicle with high average power, a high repetition rate and a large spot size for fast treatment. The 808nm has a moderate melanin absorption level, making it safe for darker skin types. It’s deep penetration capabilities target the Bulge and Bulb of the hair follicle while moderate tissue depth penetration, making it ideal for treating the arms,legs,cheeks and beard.

    Yag 1064nm Wavelength

    Specialized for darker skin types
    The Yag 1064nm wavelength is characterized by lower melanin absorption, making it a focused solution for darker skin types. At the same time, the 1064nm offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle, allowing it to target the Bulb and Papilla, as well as treat deeply embedded hair in areas such as the scalp, armpits and public areas. With higher water absorption generating a higher temperature, the incorporation of the 1064nm wavelength increases the thermal profile of the overall laser treatment for most effective hair removal.

    ■ Virtually Painless Treatment with Max 20Hz Speed

    This machine adopts uniform energy that constantly penetrates deep into dermis and coagulate hair follicle with maximum 20 shots per second. Fast mode is specially designed to coagulate hair follicles to a proper damage point gradually with low fluence to ensure the painless and fast treatment.

    Friendly UI. Easy touch screen Menu Navigation.

    Presetting treatment protocols with easy navigation. Through many year’s of clinical study, diversified treatment protocols and were concluded according to different skin types and skin texture. The user can also freely set treatment parameters according to individual requirements.


    • Laser wavelength: 3 wavelength – Alex 755nm + Diode 808nm + YAG 1064nm
    • Spot size: 15mmx15mm
    • Frequency: 1 ~ 20Hz (it is the fastest laser hair removal machine in the market, save clients’ time and operators’ time greatly)
    • Pulse width: 10-400ms
    • Energy density: 1 ~ 100J/cm2
    • Laser cooling temperature: -5℃ – 5 ℃ (When the machine is working, the handpiece temperature will maintain -5 degree to 5 degree throughout, strong steady cooling)
    • 3 cooling systems Cooling system: Air cooling + Water cooling + Semiconductor cooling + Contact cooling
    • Handpiece: Ultra-light handpiece (only 374.9G), the lightest handpiece in the market, operators won’t feel any tired after a long time operation