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Natural Breast Enlargement Treatment

Enhance your breasts with Nice Lift at our London Harley Street Clinic.

When it comes to natural breast enlargement treatment there are a wide range of choices.

We have found that women tend to consider breast enhancements for one or more of three reasons: they are small-chested and would prefer it were not so; they’ve lost shape or size due to childbearing or breastfeeding; or breasts have lost elasticity and begun to sag due to the natural gravitational pull of time, age or lots of exercises.

Whichever it is for you, Nice Lift offers a simple but effective non-invasive solution.

From our leading specialist breast enhancement clinic in London, we’ve been helping women restore that feel-good factor by offering an innovative solution that increases the breasts by up to two cup sizes.

We have many years’ experience in delivering very high-quality laser treatments based on the latest research in technology and clinical practice available in the UK today. Results are far more reliable creams and spare you the pain, trauma or risks associated with surgical implants and surgery.

Technology We use for Breast Enlargement 

  • MicroCurrent Therapy – this in effect exercises the muscles in the breast area causing them to become toned and firmer.
  • Vacuum Suction – this special vacuum cup is placed over each breast. The vacuum suction effect on the breast opens up the capillaries and this makes it easier for blood to flow around the breast tissue, which enhances the size of the breast.
  • Low Level Light – a finishing but important touch that gives the skin a happy glow.

The three-part treatment can be also used to give buttocks a naturally fuller and firmer look and lift.

In the past the only way to enhance your breasts without creams, needles or painful surgery was to wear a padded bra. Thankfully, non-invasive breast enhancement has moved on significantly since then.

The science behind how Nice Lift works

Breast enhancement is concerned with improving muscle tone in and around the breast area. The Nice Lift procedure ‘stimulates’ the muscles to give firmness and increase cup size. But how does it work?

Well, your breasts are made up of a type of muscle called pectoral muscles. You will find these muscles located in the upper area of the chest as well as between the two breasts and the breast and armpit. They give your breasts shape and also keep them in place.

The middle and lower part of the pectoral muscle shapes your cleavage and parts of your clavicle area. Given the important job they do, if the tissues in the pectoral muscles become weak, for example, due to the stresses of childbearing or strenuous exercise, they will stretch and tear leaving you with sagging-looking breasts. Equally so, small or flat pectoral muscles will give you a small or flat chest.

Nice Lift breast enhancements at Harley Street corrects this problem by stimulating blood flow in the tissue area to build collagen, the protein tissue responsible for building muscle.

Here’s how each process works to enhance your breasts:

  1. The Vacuum Cup Suction is responsible for stimulating blood circulation in the pectoral muscles. This feeds the lymphatic glands and plumps out the skin surface.
  1. The Micro Current Therapy stage is responsible for toning the muscles, in much the same way as exercise encourages their build up. It makes your breasts firmer and so your skin feels tighter.
  1. Light therapy completes the process by rebuilding skin elasticity. This smooths away surface imperfections like age spots, stretch marks, dimples and even cellulite, which is common in the buttocks area. The result is that breasts or buttocks look smoother and feel firmer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my breasts stay firm permanently?

    Nice Lift breast enhancement is not permanent but will keep your breasts (or buttocks) firmly lifted for longer as long as you complete your recommended course of treatment.

    How many sessions will I need?

    The number of sessions are tailored to suit your body and will be agreed at your personal consultation. Typically, this will be 6 to 10 treatments over 4 to 7 days for optimum results. Each session lasts around 25- 35 minutes. Most women experience firmness after just a single session, however, it is advisable to complete the course to maintain results.

    Is treatment suitable for all women?

    Yes. We have women of all ages and backgrounds who come to us for breast enhancement treatment. They come for a variety of reasons ranging from small breasts to sagging breasts.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    Nice Lift relies on your body’s natural tissue and blood vessels to build collagen for fuller breasts, which is why it is safe. After treatment you may experience mild redness on the skin surface but this is nothing more than the increased blood flow beneath the skin or Vacuum Cup Suction pressure. It usually goes away after about 30 minutes.

    How does the breast enhancement treatment work?

    There iare3 mechanisms in the breast enhancement treatment which is vacuum therapy and this is responsible for stimulating blood flow to the pectoral muscles and thickens the muscle which creates volume in the area. The micro current therapy is great for toning the muscles and makes the breast firmer which also the skin to become tighter and creates a lift in the area and finally the red light therapy work on stimulating collagen production in the area which improves the appearance of fine line and stretch marks and evens out the skin tone in the area. Combined with adding few drop of Fulvic acid to your water every day this will speed up the results and allow the results to last longer.

    Is the breast enhancement treatment permanent?

    Yes the breast enhancement for up to three years with maintenance and the right number of treatments. Adding fulvic acid to your diet allows the results to last longer.

    How many session do I require for the breast enhancement treatment?

    You will see result instantly, it is recommended to start with 8 sessions and have Fulvic acid for dramatic effects.

    Will I see you a difference in the breast area instantly?

    You will see the difference immediately after your first session.

    Is the breast enhancement treatment safe?

    The breast enhancement treatment is safe

    Will the breast enhancement treatment cause breast cancer?

    No the breast enhancement treatment will not cause cancer and taking fulvic acid will detox the body and eliminate toxins from the body.

    What increase in size will I get from the breast enhancement treatment?

    You achieve an increase up to two cup sizes

    Will I need to come back for maintenance for the breast enhancement treatment?

    To maintain your results, we advise to come back for the breast enhancement treatment once a month for maintenance.

    Will the breast enhancement treatment affect my breast feeding?

    The breast enhancement treatment will not affect your breast feeding.

    What is required to wear to the breast enhancement treatment?

    It is recommended to wear loose comfortable clothing to your treatment day.

    Is the breast enhancement treatment painful?

    Most of the breast enhancement treatment is not painful however it is uncomfortable