What makes The Harley Laser Specialists different?

We are registered with the Healthcare Commission and licensed by the City of Westminster council; our treatments are constantly monitored by our laser protection supervisor (LPS) and our laser protection adviser (LPA) to ensure that our treatments are practiced in a safe environment; we have a doctor overlooking all the treatments we carry out in clinic.

People come to The Harley Laser Specialists looking for laser treatment for a wide range of reasons. They want the assurance of medical and cosmetic treatment that adheres to strict Health and Safety guidelines and carried out by fully qualified and experienced technicians who care and inquire about their medical history.

They want to be treated by clinicians who understand the need for discretion and are sensitive to the various reasons why people turn to laser treatment.

And they want a treatment that is affordable without compromising on the quality of treatment and care provided.

At The Harley Laser Specialists, we provide all of these assurances. That’s why our clients often recommend us. Our staff are properly qualified and trained.

They come highly experienced in the field and with a variety of expertise in specific areas. That’s why our laser treatment reflects the prestigious standards of expertise at Harley Street London is renowned for.

Providing a personalised approach to all our clients

Our treatments can be personalised to each individual so that optimum results are achieved, whether that is a chemical peel treatment or a laser hair removal session or any other treatment at The Harley Laser Specialists.

We use the latest and most advanced FDA approved technology in IPL hair removal systems to provide our clients with fast, permanent and successful results in laser hair removal. For example, at The Harley Laser Specialists, fusion CRF (cavitational radio frequency) is utilized in the reduction of fat and cellulite, and C-Blue light is used for the removal of heavy stains on the teeth and also used for whitening of the teeth.

We understand just how powerful an effect physical appearance can have on a person’s sense of confidence and emotional wellbeing. Living with excessive or unsightly hair, stained teeth, or uneven skin texture can be upsetting for both men and women whether it’s on the face or body.

Some of these conditions can arise following treatment, illness or accident. It could be a condition you have had since birth. Or perhaps it is a condition that has developed as a result of the natural aging process.

There are many methods available to treat such conditions, however, many people find they are time-consuming, invasive or increase the risk of adverse reactions and ongoing expense. The laser treatments provided at The Harley Laser Specialists are by contrast gentle, effective and efficient. Advanced technology allows the most rapid results without having to risk or compromise the safety of your skin. Laser treatment is a personal experience and we fully understand the need for sensitivity and discretion around your visit.

Our laser treatments are suitable for men and women. They are an effective alternative for those who require non-invasive cosmetic treatments to enhance natural their beauty.

Whatever type of laser treatments you are looking for, get in touch with us at The Harley Laser Specialists. You will find our laser treatment clinic located on Harley Street, just behind the world-renowned Oxford Street in London, one of the capital’s busiest shopping areas.

Still Not Convinced?

Here are 13 Reasons to Choose Us

  1. Our treatments are constantly reviewed for improvement by our LPS.
  2. Our bookings are very flexible as we are open Monday-Saturday till 8.30pm every evening.
  3. Our qualified staff utilizes the latest technology and follow strict operational procedures in accordance with the highest industry standards.
  4. Our code of conduct is designed to provide a safe, high-quality service at an affordable price.
  5. We are one of only a very few clinics on Harley Street that can treat Asian skin types safely and successfully.
  6. We have a vast amount of experience with laser and IPL devices.
  7. The Harley Laser Specialists offers price comparison, we can beat any quote given by a clinic for treatment within the borough of Westminister.
  8. Our consultations are free of charge, you can receive free information and advice.
  9. At The Harley Laser Specialists, we are able to split your payment into installments, we do not require an upfront payment.
  10. We aim to deliver a service that is exceptionally higher than the rest.
  11. We are one of the very few clinics to offer our clients the choice between alternating there treatments with IPL or ND YAG laser.
  12. We are one of the very few laser clinics which are insured to treat Fitzpatrick skin type 5 and 6 (Dark Asian and black skin) for laser hair removal.
  13. We are also one of the very limited clinics which can treat medium blonde hair successfully.

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