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AQ Young Skin Solutions – (Human Growth Factor Cells)

One of our most popular treatments is the AQ Skin Solutions (Human Growth Factor Cells) for youthful skin.

Over the last couple of months we have been asking our clients what type of treatment they would like for us to introduce into the clinic and what type of treatment they would feel like they could benefit from. Many of our clients were interested in treatment for hair loss and skin rejuvenation.

As always we try to look for methods which are non-invasive and have little down time. After some research we found AQ skin solutions, provided to us by International brand Image skin care, of which we have been using their products line in the clinic for many years now.

AQ skin solutions treatment is a successful results driven treatment which uses human growth factor to repair and regenerate skin which may be affected by acne, pigmentation, scars amongst other skin concerns.

This treatment is also successful in treating hair loss, for those clients who have had hair that may be thinning or for those who have lost hair all together. Human growth factor cells have been used in cosmeceuticals for many years now and have successfully been creating flawless complexions for many years. Our patented human growth factor cells even have better results than clients undergoing Botox injections for anti aging.

The Harley Laser Specialists have been using advanced treatments for skin rejuvenation for many years now and are now introducing derma stamping, for the face and the head. These non invasive treatments will create a flawless glowing complexion, or help to regenerate lost hair.

As we age our skin is constantly affected by free radicals which are generated by pollution, UV light as well as chemicals in food. We know that this permanent damage to the skin can cause photo ageing which can vary from pigmentation, wrinkles, roughness and loss of elasticity.

The damage caused by photo aging does not heal or repair it and would need intervention to create a more youthful looking appearance to reverse the effects of photo aging.  Growth factors are proteins which promote growth and maintain cells and tissues. When growth factors are topically applied on a regular basis they have been clinically proven to help reverse photodamaged skin.

As the skin will start to age over time it will lose its ability to naturally heal itself. This will result in  a decrease in collagen, loss of elasticity, loss of stored antioxidants, the loss of collagen will make wrinkles and fine lines appear more prominently.

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    HG Face rejuvenation

    Derma stamping is a professional only treatment carried out at our Harley Street clinic by our experienced aestheticians. The derma stamp is a hand held device with very fine needles at various lengths which penetrate through your dermal layers creating small holes, this is also known as micro needling, and the holes created by the derma stamp would only be visible under a microscope.

    The derma stamp creates micro needling holes allowing the skin to open up for a short period without damaging your epidermis layer of your skin. In the short period of when your skin has been micro needled, a recovery serum is applied to the skin.

    The recovery serum is one of the products developed by Dr Al-Qatani which has proven results to repair damaged skin slow down and diminish signs of aging. The recovery serum’s main ingredient is growth factor and this therapy if referred to as growth factor induced therapy.

    Human growth factors are a group of proteins with various functions, with the most important function being skin repair. The recovery serum is recommended to be applied after using the professional derma stamp on the skin, this is because when you micro needle the skin it triggers the body’s natural healing response, and this would be the perfect opportunity to apply the recovery serum which will immediately be absorbed into the skin. Growth factor induced therapy is one of the most popular treatments on demand throughout America.

    There is no downtime with this treatment and you can continue on with your day to day activities almost immediately, there is very little discomfort from the treatment, there is minimal preparations and restrictions in the treatment, no increased sensitivity to the sun as there is with some other face rejuvenation treatments, and it is suitable for most skin types.

    This treatment is a great treatment for those clients with scars, acne scars, acne, anti aging sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, reduces puffiness amongst other great advantages.

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