About 4D Lipo

Fat freezing | Aqulyax | Cavitation | Radio frequency
At our London UK Harley Street clinic, we have developed a new protocol on treating our fat reduction clients. Through the use of Harley Streets bespoke 4D System, Fat freezing / Aqulyax / Cavitation / Radio frequency

We combine 4 treatment to ensure that we target the different depths of the fat in the body there are different types of fats subcutaneous/visceral fat and Essential fats.

What is 4D lipo?

Fat freezing benefits and how it works? Nice lipo known as Cryolipolysis works by exposing the fat cells to cooling. We freeze the fats to -11 they will then become crystallised. Over the next few weeks, the dead fat cells will then pass through your lymphatic system. You can achieve up to a 33% reduction with just one session!

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Aqualyx benefits and how it works?

The Aqualyx® solution is directly injected In to the fatty tissue which breaks down the outer membrane of the fat cell which will then pass through the body’s natural metabolism. This treatment works perfect for stubborn fat.

Ultrasonic cavitation benefits and how it works?

This improves body shape and contours the body to reduce your circumference. ‌

Radio frequency benefits and how it works?

Deep and superficial uniform heating is delivered to tighten the skin on both face and body.

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Between each treatment there will be a 2-week gap this will allow the body to eliminate the dead fat cells.

No, the treatment only targets the fat cells. The treatment does not cause any long-term side effects as the treatment is non-invasive.

You will only experience short term side effects such as redness, bruising , sensitivity

Our treatment does not cause saggy skin as the fat is reduced over a period of time. Your skin is elastic it will naturally tighten up as you are reducing the fat. Whereas if you were to have invasive liposuction where the fat is pulled out instantly you will most likely be left with loose skin as it is instant removal. The 4D lipo includes cavitation and radio frequency which both work on tightening the skin and increasing the collagen production which makes this treatment the go to treatment as it has many benefits.

We can reduce an average of 33% fat with each session. But results can vary on diet and life style.

1 Session of 4D lipo £498.
2 session/Areas of 4D lipo £816

Results are seen from 3 weeks however the full results will show after a few months.

The treatment is not painful we use a numbing agent if needed, to decreases the sensitivity. Lidocaine is used with our Aqualyx treatment.