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Who may have darker skin on their knuckles?

Some people may have concerns about the colour of their knuckles on their hands. It is normal to have a shade darker on the knuckles, this would be noticed more on people that have darker skin tones such as Asians and afro Caribbean’s. You develop darker skin on the knuckle area at any age.

Feet and toe pigmentation:

There are a few causes for pigmentation on the skin especially the knuckles and the surrounding of the feet which can include back of the ankle. Some of the main cause is ill fitted shoes, tight shoes or high heels that are not comfortable around the toe, having sensitive or fine skin around your toes. Some people experience blisters after wearing new shoes or walking for a long period of time and what would happen is the skin will not heal properly and leave a darker pigment on the toe, sometimes this may turn in to a bump as well. Having darker skin on the toes can affect some people’s confidence and will not make them feel comfortable having their feet out without socks or even wearing flips flops or sandals. This may affect some client’s confidence around their spouse or even around friends and family

Treatment for pigmentation on the toes

In the Harley Street skin specialist’s clinic, we aim to deliver the best treatments to improve and solve skin problems. For the pigmentation on the feet, we offer a special treatment which starts with removing the dead layer of the skin using hydra 02 suction, this allows oxygen in to the skin and remove the dead layer, this will prepare the skin for the next step which is micro needling allowing new skin cells to regenerate itself. A special blend of foot peel that we have. We will spread on the special mix of peels on to the affected area and then this will peel over the upcoming weeks. Once the foot has peeled this will results in brightening of the discoloured areas and allow new skin cells to grow and collagen to be stimulated. The peel along with vitamin b12 will internally and externally cleanse the body and regulate hormones and vitamins in the body.

We also advice to use fulvic acid serum on the infected area as maintenance and prevention as this will keep the skin hydrated and allow the nails to grow in a healthy way. fulvic acid added to any cosmetic product will speed up the process of the product penetrating in to the skin and delivering the properties to the cell 100x times faster.

Treatments available for dark skin on the under arm:

We offer a laser treatment to brighten the under arm that is done in the clinic performed by our skin specialists, the skin is prepared by using a hydra 02 suction to remove the dead layers of the skin followed by micro needling to stimulate collagen production. This breaks down the top layer of the skin, and this allows to break the pigmentation in the area. Also, by removing the dead layer of the skin this will allow the pigmentation to move up in the skin layer resulting in lightening of the darkness of the knuckles.

Under arm brightening

Total price £299

2 sessions of laser for skin brightening and skin tightening.
2 sessions of micro needling, which regenerates new skin cells and brightens the pigmentation(darkness).
2 sessions for deep exfoliation and skin peeling using hydra facial.

Toe or Hands Brightening

Total price £299

2 sessions of deep exfoliation and skin peeling using hydra facial
2 sessions of micro needling which regenerates new skin cells and brightens the pigmentation( darkness).
1 session of brightening and pigment lifting peel.

Laser Hair Removal
From £40 per session

multiple packages & options
are available upon request

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