Microneedling Course

Microneedling Training & Certification Course (also known as Dermapen)

Our UK-based training centre provides microneedling training and certification with the curriculum available for purchase by all skin care practitioners. The comprehensive microneedling course includes an overview of the history of microneedling, along with an explanation of the science behind the process.

Students will also be given the opportunity to view a demonstration of a microneedling treatment as the training concludes.
Quizzes will be taken after every lesson, leading to the provision of a certificate and title of Harley Street Microneedling Certified Practitioner at the successful completion of the course.

The course content is delivered by Harley Street Nurses/Practitioners, all of whom have a minimum of 7 years experience with the subject matter.

Why us

Our experience is a major factor as to why people choose our training courses. We have successfully delivered microneedling training courses in the UK for over 10 years, and we believe we are the most effective and successful microneedling training company in the country.
After you complete the microneedling course, we will continue to support you with our team of experts. As for our products, our Microneedling dermapen pro 2 comes with a 2-year warranty. The cost of consumables (including needles) is more than 50% lower than the prices our competitors offer.

The quality of the microneedling products we use is exceptional, certainly the highest quality available in the UK, if not around the world. Health and safety regulations are important, and microneedling must be performed using the safest methods, the best and most appropriate products, by practitioners who have the knowledge to effectively deliver the treatment.


Microneedling Course Pre-Requisites

  • NVQ Level 3, ITEC, or HND in beauty therapy is required
  • You should be a nurse, dentist, doctor, or pharmacist

If you do not possess the above qualifications but have a similar or alternative qualification, please get in touch to see if you are still eligible to receive the training. Your qualification will need to be appropriate for the health and beauty sector, but please check with us to confirm.
Please note we can offer a level 3 A&P BEAUTY course for £499 the course duration is home studies which can be done within a week and just a one-day multiple choice exam

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Multiple Course Packages &
Options Are Available

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    Certification Program Syllabus/Course Agenda

    • 4 hour microneedling course
    • Background information on skin micro-needling including history, improvements, and current leaders
    • Product usage protocols
    • Treatment guidelines
    • Indications and contraindications
    • Before and after patient care
    • Similar and supplementary skin therapies
    • Demonstration of treatments including technical information
    • Consultations
    • Consent forms
    • Practical treatment
    • Science behind skin needling
    • Products used during treatment including review of ingredients
    • Building your business -marketing/business advice including online and print advertising
    • Treatable skin conditions
    • Treatment preparation.
    • Cross Infection Control
    • Certificate available immediately

    What can microneedling be used to treat?

    Adding microneedling services to your business will open a range of opportunities. You will be able to advise, diagnose, and treat numerous skin conditions from wrinkles to stretch marks. Our comprehensive training will increase your knowledge, allowing you to increase your ability as a skin expert.
    Some skin conditions/concerns that can be treated are shown below.

    • Fine lines & wrinkles
    • Loose Skin/ lack of firmness/ lack of elasticity
    • Ageing skin
    • Sun-damaged skin
    • Pigmentation issues
    • General scarring
    • Brown spots
    • Acne & chicken pox scars
    • Cellulite
    • Pore size
    • Under-eye bags
    • Stretch marks
    • Skin texture

    Harley Street Pro 2 DermPen

    Harley Street Pro 2 DermPen
    (One -Two or three Years Warranty T&C’S apply)
    5 Needles
    Face To Face Training

    (Online Training Available)

    Price £597.00
    Offer until 29/12/2023 RRP £1200

    A typical example of a Clinic’s potential income based on 2 clients per day

    2 Clients Per Day14 Clients Per Week56 Clients Per Month

    Harley Street Pro 3 DermPen

    Harley Street Pro 3 DermPen
    (One -Two or three Years Warranty T&C’S apply)
    5 Needles
    Face To Face Training

    (Online Training Available)

    Price £697.00
    Offer until 29/12/2023 RRP £1500