Cherry Angioma Removal: Blood Spots are a Thing of The Past with 4D Laser Treatments

Are you troubled by those unattractive red dots on your skin? Blood spots and blemishes can be removed quickly and easily with our revolutionary Harley Street state-of-the-art 4D Laser

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cherry angiomas?

Cherry angiomas appear on the skin as benign round red cherry-red spots, created by broken blood vessels under the skin. Also known as Campbell de Morgan spots or blood spots, they can appear in different sizes and shades of colour.

As the cherry angiomas age, the size and colour of the spots can change, often darkening to a deeper red. They can become raised and develop a dome-like shape with a smooth surface.

A cherry Angioma is a noncancerous cell that may appear on different parts of the body. It is made up of blood vessels. It has no negative effect on the human body, they are not dangerous, however it’s a cosmetic concern for many people and they would like it to be removed.

What causes Cherry angiomas (blood spots)?

Tiny blood vessels under the skin, known as capillaries, can cluster together and dilate (swell) which causes a spot to appear on the surface of the skin. This can be a raised or flat spot, sometimes appearing as a dome, and can be tiny (just a few millimetres across) up to half a centimetre or so.

They are benign, not at all harmful or painful. However, if they are scratched, knocked, bumped, or rubbed, they can cause bleeding. Luckily, you don’t have to take protective measures to keep yourself safe or hide your blood spots in long sleeves – they can be removed simply with a single laser treatment.

While blood spots can form anywhere on the body, they are most common on the chest, back and stomach. The causes of blood spots can vary, with the most common causes being UV damage, trauma to the skin, and ageing.

What are the available treatments for Cherry angiomas?

We offer the most effective treatments for cherry angioma removal under the guidance of a laser skincare specialist. Book a consultation now for us to examine your skin – we can answer your questions to put your mind at rest, and we’ll always recommend the best treatment for your individual situation.

How to remove Cherry Angioma using Laser?

We use Nd:YAG laser, which penetrates 1064nm to target cherry Angiomas; this is the most effective method. The laser is concentrated energy which will penetrate through the cherry Angioma, the wavelength will be absorbed; as a result, it will generate heat and, destroying the blood vessels and keeping the surrounding cells safe. We also recommend our clients to add few drops of Fulvic acid to their water to drink. Fulvic acid will detox the body and balance hormones, and internally cleanse the digestive system, which as a result, gives clear skin and reduces the chance of getting cherry Angioma in the future.

How long does it take for cherry angiomas to disappear after laser?

Immediately after the laser treatment the cherry Angiomas turn purple and it can also scab which is expected and very normal, it can take 3-4 weeks for this to disappear

How many sessions are needed to remove cherry angiomas using laser?

Depending on the size and the structure of the cherry angiomas the average client needs at least 2 sessions to remove the cherry angiomas. Every case is different as many factor are involved such as skin tone, age , gender and quality of the skin in generally. A single session can be enough to treatment smaller milder cases of cherry angiomas.

Is the laser cherry angiomas removal treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful however it is uncomfortable, you will feel slight heat in the treatment area.

Cost of laser cherry angioma removal?

The cost of the treatment is £150 for up to 6 small cherry angiomas.

Areas that can be treated for cherry angioma removal?

We can treat all areas apart from the lips, and eye area.

Cherry Angioma Removal

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