£699 Aqualyx & Vitamin B12 training (one day course)


£699 Aqualyx & Vitamin B12 training (one day course)


£699 Aqualyx & Vitamin B12 training (one day course)


Combination of advanced and foundation training for Fat dissolving injections and Vitamin B12


About the course!

You will be sent a pre study to prepare for your Aqualyx and vitamin B12 course.

The start of the course your tutor will cover Aqualyx training and practical work with live models after a short lunch break the second part of the course will be Vitamin B12 training and practical work



Vitamin B12 benefits


Are your customers feeling run down and lacking in energy? They might have a vitamin B12 deficiency. A vitamin B12 shots will re-energize you, helping you to feel more alert by reducing fatigue. A vitamin B12 shot will also contribute to a healthy immune system, and keeps your nervous system in good working order too.



What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx (fat dissolving) has increased its popularity over the years as there is minimum risk and no down this treatment is an alternative to liposuction. Your customers can reduce up to 1 inch of fat with just 1 session. This treatment is suitable for the body and face.



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