Best Nail Fungal Product and treatment


Best Nail Fungal Product and treatment

Dr Fulvic Nail Plus made in the UK Made by The Harley Laser Specialists 1 Harley Street

This product is great for those with brittle nails slow growing nails and even for those effected with traumas from nail fungal or nail fungus, many have leaned and  sourced to vitamin tablets which work from within but these vitamins or minerals are not directly targeting the nails,

With Dr Fulvic Nail plus this is applied directly to the nail and due to its high strength and 97.83% purity the fulvic is known to activate and absorb at super speed to the nail bed were as synthetic products do not have the ability the Dr fulvic acid has over 74 minerals and 20 vitamins and 10 amino acids that are absorbed by the nail and by the nail bed this in short is delivering these minerals directly to the source and resulting faster healthier growing nails along with detoxifying the skin and nail bed,


what is fulvic acid ?

Fulvic Acid is deep ground soil/earth/coal/plants which is basically dead plants etc that take over thousands of years to develop when extracted it comes out as Humic acid used for fertilisers and also Shilajit herbal medicine however even these are only famous for its fulvic content inside so what we and very few handful  of manufactures do in a complicated and  patented form of extraction is to separate the fulvic acid from the humic acid .

Why Dr Fulvic?

We are the only company whom have created fulvic acid at this such high strength to be used on the nail strictly not for oral use and we have Lemar test and  certification proving our purity of the fulvic which can also just be seen by the naked eye as pure fulvic should be seen as a yellow gold colour liquid unlike what we have seen on the market they are all in a dark brown colour which basically has alot of Humic as Humic acid is a dark brown colour .


Why is out bottle plain and simple and looks cheap compared to our competitor?

Our competitors are shy to show the colour of the fulvic acid in their bottles as most likely the liquid  is  c brown (mostly humic acid) and not golden yellow like ours pure fulvic this in simple terms makes our product the most rarest product.


Why are we not selling our Dr Fulvic Acid for the same high end prices as Harrods shilajit also known for its high amounts of fulvic?

Our answer to that is we refer to our mission when originally  setting up Dr Fulvic and this was and hopefully will always be to help those in need for better health as our main product is Dr Fulvic pure oral fulvic acid for consumption our sole goal is not to make huge profits but to rather make a difference


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