Do Fat Dissolving Injections Work on Jowls?

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Do Fat Dissolving Injections Work on Jowls?

In recent years, the quest to look more youthful has created a plethora of cosmetic treatments focusing on pockets of stubborn fat. One of these treatments is that of fat-dissolving injections, whose name suggests that they work non-invasively. Does it precisely work on jowls?

Understanding Jowls and Available Treatment Options

The skin and fat present as jowls accumulate along the jawline, where there seems to be a lack of firmness and support. This is a common condition that is experienced with age and weight fluctuations. All of the aforementioned conditions can well be remedied with an array of surgical and non-surgical solutions.

Liposuction is one of the most frequent operations used for localised fat removal and body reshaping, including the jowls. This is very effective, but the invasiveness of the operation, associated risks, and the recovery period have driven most of the patients into looking for a less invasive alternative.

Fat Dissolving Injections: An Alternative Worth Considering

Popular recently are fat-dissolving injections with, for example, Kybella® and Aqualyx®, which do not require invasive surgery. The solution is injected directly into the fatty deposits—it emulsifies the lipids within the fat cells. The body then gets rid of these fat cells naturally.

We administer Aqualyx® injections at our London clinic with an advisor who gives expert advice tailored to individual needs.

Aqualyx®: In Detail

Aqualyx® is very productive for small, localized fat deposits and is often applied for the submental area, which associates very closely with the jowls. The process is simple and minimally invasive, usually taking less than an hour.

1. Injection Process: Aqualyx® solution is injected into the targeted area, e.g., to the area below the chin in case of a double chin or to the location of the jowls. The ingredient of Aqualyx® hydrolyses the membranes of fat cells.

2. Ultrasound Aid: Ultrasound is applied on the skin surface after being injected to help distribute the contained liquid within the targeted and surrounding fat cells. This further leads to the stretching and bursting of the cells to release the lipids within them.

3. Natural Excretory Pathway: The body’s lymphatic system naturally excretes these lipids.

Together, the direct injection and ultrasound will target the area effectively, giving it the desired smoother and contoured appearance.

Improving Outcomes with Fusion CRF

bio-tech Fusion CRF technology should be incorporated along with Aqualyx® to deliver the treatment effectively. This will not only destroy the fat but also sculpt the skin, tightening to ensure complete banishment of the sagging skin that develops after the process of fat destruction.

Post Aqualyx®, we use CRF—Cavitation Radio Frequency—for contouring the worked area. The CRF will ensure the skin is tightened and lifted, showing a more defined, youthful jawline without sagging or bulging of the skin caused by the treatment.

Fat-dissolving injections like Aqualyx® are less invasive but work as an effective alternative in treating jowls than old-fashioned treatments, such as liposuction. Although effective in fat reduction, using technologies, such as Fusion CRF, ensures complete results by giving firmness to the skin. But this is one of the cases requiring a consultation with a specialist regarding the most suitable treatment based on his individual needs and conditions. Our Aqualyx® specialist at the London clinic offers detailed insights and personalized treatment for the best possible outcome.

Contact us to find out more information about Aqualyx® and the efficacy of the fusion CRF technology, you can also book a free consultation with us to discuss the goals and best possible treatment for you.

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