Hair Removal Tips For Sensitive Skin

Hair Removal Tips

Hair Removal Tips For Sensitive Skin

Hair Removal Tips For Sensitive Skin

Shaving or waxing is necessary to maintain body hygiene, but we all know how much of a headache it can be especially for sensitive skin. Waxing and shaving often lead to skin rashes and redness. It can also lead to skin irritation as a result of the chemicals and fragrances used in shaving and waxing products.

Luckily, there is a better way to get rid of hair without waxing or shaving. Laser hair removal is a gentler, more effective way to remove hair without irritating your skin no matter how sensitive it is. Laser hair removal is a fast and easy way to remove hair from different parts of the body such as the face, arms, legs, and back. You can also use it to get rid of pubic hair without worrying about anything.

Laser hair removal was developed with sensitive skin in mind, and it is safe enough to use on different skin types on different parts of the body whilst ensuring maximum results. Our lasers have a unique dynamic cooling device which helps soothe, calm and protect your skin.

We assure you our laser hair removal will work wonders for you, but let’s see how it compares to other hair removal options for sensitive skin:

1. Laser hair removal

This system works by directing a laser into the hair follicle preventing the hairs from growing without damaging or disrupting the skin’s surface. Our London laser hair removal technique uses a wide beam that removes multiple hair follicles simultaneously.

We are well aware that different people have their own unique needs when it comes to hair removal. We have a team of highly trained and experienced therapists that will take your hair and skin type into consideration before coming up with a personalized treatment plan that works well for you.Laser Hair Removal London Tips

Harley Laser Clinic bespoke 3D Laser System, Diode Laser IPL laser works well for people with light skin and darker hair, while the ND:YAG laser is designed to work for clients with darker skin tone.

Pro tip: a lot of people, including yourself, are usually skeptical about laser hair removal at first. If you are worried about the laser causing some kind of skin reaction, you may request a test patch done on a hidden part of your skin before you proceed to the area you want hair removed. It gives you a chance to see how it works and also helps you determine your comfort level with laser hair removal.

2. Shaving

For centuries, people relied on razors and other sharp objects for shaving particularly before electric shaving machines were invented.

However, using razors for shaving can have nasty side effects like shaving rash and ingrown hairs. First, you need to have a good shaving technique to avoid havoc on your skin. You also need to replace your razor regularly to prevent harmful bacteria from building up and harming your skin.Women Shaving Leg Hair

If you shave with a razor that has been sitting in your shower for a year, you will be spreading the built-up bacteria all over your sensitive skin.

Even if you have a good technique and you replace your razor every week, you are still at risk if you use shaving foams filled with harmful chemicals.

3. Waxing

If you ask people who have tried waxing to remove hair, most of them will tell you it’s not worth it. There are few things more painful than someone pouring hot wax on your skin then ripping it off repeatedly as you sit there and writhe in pain. Some people actually get bruises from waxing.Women Having Her Legs Waxed

Sure, waxing is effective but if you ask me, the pain is just not worth it. If you do choose to forge ahead, remember to choose the right type of wax for the area being treated, prep the skin correctly, and remove the waxing strips the correct way.

4. Hair removal cream

Popular depilatory creams such as Nair and Veet remove hair by essentially melting the hair away. Compared to waxing, this is a far less painful and a better alternative for removing hair from all skin types.

Women using hair removal cream

However, it comes with a big BUT. All hair removal creams use strong chemicals to remove hair which can be harmful to your skin.

Hair removal creams can make your skin burn, turn red, scab and peel. So, if you have sensitive skin, stay away from hair removal creams.


When it comes to hair removal, there are plenty of methods to help remove that pesky hair but a lot do come with pros and cons. As technology has evolved so has Laser hair removal. Shaving, Waxing and Hair Removal creams work but they do have some downsides.

If you have sensitive skin then it’s important you choose the right method that’s not only going to get results but have you feeling good about yourself without side-effects and Laser Hair Removal is your best option.

Harley Street Laser Hair Removal Service cater for all skin types especially those with extremely sensitive skin. To request a FREE consultation with one of our expert’s staff then don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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