Is Candela Laser Hair Removal Effective?

Candela Laser

Is Candela Laser Hair Removal Effective?

At Harley Laser Specialists, we utilise the industry-leading 2023 Candela laser. Candela laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that reduces unwanted hair from various areas of the body. It employs light therapy to target hair follicles and destroy their root, so hair cannot grow back. Recognised for its effectiveness, individuals who seek longer-term hair removal solution should know what this laser technology entails and how well it works.

The Technology Behind Candela Laser Hair Removal

Using a concentrated beam of light, Candela laser hair removal works to reduce hair fast and effectively by selectively heating hair follicles to inhibit their growth without damaging the surrounding skin.

Candela laser systems, such as GentleLase and GentleYAG were invented and designed with proprietary advancements and their dynamic cooling device (DCD) technology revolutionized the safety and effectiveness of hair removal treatments. DCD prepares the skin for treatment by spraying the upper layers with a cooling burst of cryogen in adjustable spray and pulse width, 30 to 100 milliseconds, milliseconds before the laser pulse.

Not only does this protect the skin, DCD helps to minimise discomfort during treatment, making it very popular among both practitioners and clients.

Effectiveness of Candela Laser Hair Removal

The effectiveness of this technology is well-established in the field on account of its pinpoint targeting of hair follicles and precision heating. The hair’s melanin, which absorbs the laser energy that turns to heat, is what heats the hair follicles and damages their root so that hair can no longer grow. Clinical studies and patient testimonials have revealed significant hair reduction following a series of treatments, and most report long-lasting results.

The adaptability of Candela laser treatments is one of the key factors behind their success. The technology has evolved so that it’s effective on a wide range of skin types and different hair colours, with the GentleLase system used for those with lighter skin and dark hair and the GentleYAG system particularly optimised for the safe treatment of darker skin tones. This means that far more people can benefit from Candela laser hair removal, and we guide you through the most suitable candidates.

Benefits Beyond Hair Reduction

While it’s obviously designed as a hair removal process, there are plenty of skin benefits to be had with Candela lasers. As well as removing hair, the treatment results in much smoother skin, significantly fewer instances of ingrown hairs and an overall more uniform skin tone. As the laser is so precise, it only targets hair follicles while not affecting any of the surrounding skin, so it’s ideal to use in more sensitive areas too.

While Candela laser hair removal is proven highly effective, there are a number of considerations. The number of sessions an individual requires depends on a variety of factors including hair type, hair colour and the area being treated. Generally, multiple sessions are necessary to achieve the best results, predominantly as the laser is only effective on hair in the active growth phase. There are more limitations if you have very light or grey hair, as Candela lasers can’t target hair any melanin – the less melanin in your hair, the less effective the treatment.

The Candela laser hair removal system is highly effective and a versatile solution for most women and men. Its advanced technology, wide variety of skin types and hair colours make it a great choice and produces long-term results quickly. Remember to have realistic expectations and choose a professional, and you could have a great new treatment to have improved hair-free skin. And of course, we recommend consulting us before deciding. We understand laser hair removal might not be for everyone, we can assess your suitability for the treatment, discuss any potentially side effects you might be concern about (temporary redness and swelling) and advise on the best option and how to best prepare for the treatment – book your free consultation here.

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