Candela Gentle Max Pro Plus Laser Hair removal


The Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser Hair  Removal Machine Is renowned Internationally by aesthetic clinics and doctors whom have all rated the candela to be the best laser hair removal machine in regards to speed accuracy and most importantly hair removal results for all skin types

why Choose us well at our Harley street laser hair removal clinic we have the 2024 latest version of the candela with amazing 26mm spot size the largest in the market for a YAG Laser that actually delivers accurate energy surrounding the 26mm circumference compared to other brands they are unable to deliver this.

My favourite part about the candela GMP Plus laser is its speed and again with this plus bonus us laser hair removal practitioners are have enough time to be able to toughly cover the body areas with no excuses and making it pleasant for the client

lastly the candela laser machine comes with a ice cooler the ice cooler we use is a bespoke cooler made specifically for our own needs hence we are the only ones with this cooler this cooler has twice the power of the current Zimmer cooler in the market allowing our laser hair removal practitioners to be able to use high  levels still ensuring  comfort and better results

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