Does Laser Remove Hair Permanently?


Does Laser Remove Hair Permanently?

Laser hair removal is a well-researched cosmetic procedure, that has proven results of hair reduction for the last decade and longer. It is suitable to be used in various parts of the body.

The principle of laser hair removal involves directing concentrated laser beams at hair follicles. These beams are absorbed by the melanin (the pigment) in the hair, resulting in damage to the follicle that significantly impedes future hair growth. The treatment is particularly effective for those with a stark contrast between their hair and skin colour, as the laser specifically targets the dark pigment in the hair. It’s important to understand that laser hair removal treatments can offer a permanent and significant reduction of hair growth, experienced by thousands of our clients. At Harley Laser Specialist, we utilise the industry-leading Candela laser technology, which arguably offers the best results in the industry.

The permanent reduction in hair growth is often an attractive option for those who are looking to reduce hair in areas and potentially have smooth skin, for a longer time, compared to traditional methods like shaving or waxing, which has proven to be less long-lasting. With the laser providing a permanent reduction in the number of hair follicles that regrow, this is often a popular treatment amongst individuals with PCOS, who may have struggles with excessive hair growth and ingrown hairs.

Even though it doesn’t ‘remove hair permanently’, due to the natural hair growth cycle, alongside the industry-leading Candela laser, our customers are extremely satisfied with the permanent reduction of hair growth. The laser hair removal process at Harley Laser Specialist, utilising Candela laser technology, has garnered wide acclaim for its effectiveness, particularly among those seeking a long-term solution to unwanted hair.

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