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Fulvic acid optimizes and normalizes organisms by boosting immunity, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, detoxify the body from contaminants such as heavy metals and toxins

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Substance form:

Biologically active liquid, organic fulvic acid extract.


Organic fulvic acid extract 2.5%, a mixture of natural liquid extract: bitter worm herb, angelica root, St. Johns wort, Leuzea root, mint herb, mint
conifer, black currant leaves, extractant – 70% ethanol, pure water.

Organic fulvic acid contains 74 minerals, 10 vitamins, and 20 amino acids

Fulvic acid optimizes and normalizes the organism’s condition by enhancing immunity, detoxification, and anti-inflammatory effects, neutralizes free radicals and detoxifies the body from such contaminants as heavy metals and toxins, strengthens the immune system, and has an antioxidant effect.

Fulvic acid has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, reducing
inflammation processes in the organism, normalizes the metabolic processes, and reduces oxygen deficiency in cells.

The angel extract contains furanocoumarins, essential oils, bitter oils, resins, tannins, pectin. The Angel is able to suppress the growth of pathogenic microflora in the intestines, stimulate the secretion of bile and digestive glands of the gastric mucosa and intestines, and enhance peristalsis. It has a sedative, relaxing, and diuretic effect.

St. Johns Wort extract contains carbohydrates, tannins, resins, flavonoids, essential oils, terpenes, saponins, carotenoids, nicotinic and ascorbic acids,
vitamins E and P, choline, alkaloids, minerals, and other biologically active compounds. St. Johns Wort has a disinfectant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic effect. It is used for the treatment of diarrhea, ulcers, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver and gall bladder, various nervous diseases. It is recommended for the treatment of cardiovascular and digestive systems diseases, insomnia, neuralgia, diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Leuzea extract is a biostimulant after fatigue, in the recovery period after a prolonged illness, in vegetative neuroses, asthenia, chronic alcoholism, sexual dysfunction, depressive states, nerve anorexia. Leuzea contains proteins, polysaccharides, bioflavonoids, essential oils, resins, waxes, tannins, ascorbic acid, manganese and iron, vitamins C and A, phosphorus. Leuseus stimulates blood circulation, prevents blood clotting, and dilates blood vessels, lowers blood glucose by increasing utilization of body tissues.

Mint extract is used in case of vomiting, headaches, depression, insomnia, nervous
disorders, kidney and liver stones, gastric ulcers, atherosclerosis, diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Peppermint is rich in essential oils, minerals and vitamins. Mint extract has a soothing, choleretic, analgesic, antiseptic, and vasodilator effect. It is an antiseptic, used in inflammatory processes, stomach cramps, intestinal and hepatic colic.

Juniper extract contains carbohydrates, resins, wax, tannins, organic acids, essential oil, vitamins, macro and trace elements, terpenes. Juniper is widely used as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic, disinfectant, expectorant, choleretic agent, as well as in diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

Extract of wormwood is used in insomnia, migraines, dyspepsia, colitis, gastritis and gastric ulcer, diseases of the liver and gall bladder, hypertension, dysentery, rheumatism. , carotene, ascorbic acid, micro, and macronutrients. The wormwood extract is used as an expectorant, antispasmodic, astringent, and bitter to stimulate gastrointestinal function, improve digestion, enhance bile excretion and normalize pancreatic activity.

Black currant leaf and thyme herb contain vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other biologically active substances.


  • bio stimulating
  • anti-stress
  • anti-inflammatory
  • wound healing
  • immunomodulatory
  • antioxidant
  • immunodeficiency;
  • alcohol intoxication, poisoning of an organism of various nature;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and liver activity, caused by prolonged intoxication of any origin (aggressive cirrhosis);
  • high blood cholesterol;
  • detoxification of the organism after aggressive treatment;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • neuroses, cardiac disorders;
  • impotence;
  • a remedy for alcoholism.


Not suitable for:

  • Those who might be hypersensitive to the ingredients
  • Children under 12 years of age, or who weigh less than 35kg.
  • Pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

Dosage & Directions of use:

  • Dissolve 15 drops, 2 times per day in 100ML of water.
  • Take 30 minutes before a meal.
  • 12 weeks course recommended.
  • Not to exceed 16 weeks.
  • Courses can be repeated but must have a 3-week break in between them.

Consultation with a doctor is recommended before use.

Storage conditions:

  • Keep refrigerated after opening.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.

Expiration date:

  • 1 year.


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