ILUMA intense brightening eye creme


A super-hydrating and brightening eye cr?me that works aggressively to break up discoloration under the eyes. A blend of phytonutrients, peptides and botanical brightening agents help to reduce visible signs of aging like dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness and lax skin to restore a firmer, vibrant and more youthful appearance tothe eyes.

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Image Skincare ILUMA Intense Brightening Eye Crème 0.5oz

This brightening crème delivers intense hydration to the skin. It illuminates the area around the eyes, and it gives the skin a brighter and healthier appearance.

Product Description

Image Skincare ILUMA Intense Brightening Eye Crème comes in a container of 0.5 ounces. This product may be used on a broad range of skin types, but it was created to work beautifully on aging skin near the eyes. Skin that has lost firmness and radiance will also benefit from the use of this eye crème.

The skin becomes firmer and looks more youthful with each application.

The Ingredients and the Benefits They Offer

This eye crème from the Iluma collection contains a potent blend of ingredients. Additionally, it implements a trademarked technology, which works to prolong the effects of the ingredients for as long as 48 hours. A patented peptide complex serves to increase the production of collagen in the skin, maximize the elasticity of the skin, and minimize wrinkles and fine lines. A trademarked complex diminishes puffiness underneath the eyes, and it combats inflammation. Some of the ingredients reduce the dark circles that form under the eyes, and other ingredients protect the skin at a cellular level. Antioxidant ingredients, such as stable vitamin C, are used to protect the skin even further. Botanical ingredients, such as liquorice extract, lighten the skin naturally. Other plant extracts are used to calm, strengthen, and brighten the delicate skin in the eye area. The combination of all of the ingredients works as a powerful eye crème for mature and fatigued skin.

How to Use

Apply morning and at night for maximum results. Pat the crème very gently in the eye area (including both the lower and upper eyelids). When you use this intense brightening product regularly, the skin near your eyes will appear brighter and firmer.



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