Are there any treatments that help with dark fingers and toes?


Are there any treatments that help with dark fingers and toes?

Pigmentation is often found in small patches over the body commonly underarms, Bikini line, Fingers and toes, Elbows, upper lip. Which can be caused by a number of different internal and external factors.


Causes for dark under arms and fingers and toes

While that are many factors that can cause dark patches on skin here are the most common…

Ingrown hairs, too much sun exposure, or even poor hygiene or diet tight shoes rubbing on feet. Shaving with a razor.


Pigmentation is caused by melanocytes in the epidermal layer of the skin. Our treatment goes down to the deep layers of the epidermis which is what makes our treatment so successful. While there are many “ home remedy’s to improves dark patches  such as rubbing lemon juice on under arms or using turmeric these products will only brighten the very surface of the skin. The Harley laser specialist’s pigmentation treatment is backed with scientific studies!



Step one: Deep exfoliation


Step two: Dermabrasion  


Step three: Brightening peel


Step four: IPL/LED


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