Our top treatments for men 2023


Our top treatments for men 2023

Below is a list of our top cosmetic treatments for men.


Lip hydration We offer our exclusive Lip hydration treatment the Hyaluronic acid filler draws water towards the lips. This treatment will not give you volume this will fill out and lip lines and will make you lips look youthful.

Botulinum Toxin Also known as Botox is one of our most popular anti aging treatments alongside cavitation radio frequency our treatments can slow down the aging process.

Fat dissolving– Aqualyx is an injectable hydrous solution that causes fat cells to dissolve, allowing them to be expelled naturally, common areas we treat on men are the chest and stomach however we can reduce fat all over the body.

Hydro 02 facial Our top selling treatment allows for instant results. For those who just want some hydration in the skin and who want to look bright and healthy the hydro 02 facial has minimum down time and long lasting results.



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