Home Remedies for Dark Toes and Hands


Home Remedies for Dark Toes and Hands

Dark Toes and Hands Removal


Dark hands and toes for many creates insecurities for many men and females majority of us are not born with this however this is more commonly known as some form of pigmentation these pigmentations develop over time the route cause can vary from sun damage tight shoes and lack of hydration internally and externally, Some doctors have recommended B12 injections claiming that a B12 deficiency has been the cause for some individual cases


Some home remedies some have sort to although it does not completely resolve completely in many cases

  • baking soda mixed with tap water into a thick solution and applied to your dark toes for 10 to 15 minutes
  • lemon juice can also be applied to your Toes or knuckles with a cotton bud on a daily basis
  • Hydration cream to be used on a daily basis


At the Harley laser specialists we have developed our own bespoke 3 stage treatment combining our 15 years of pigmentation and scarring treatment experience with our Harley Street doctors and have come up with a great and affective treatment the actually makes a difference

Click the link below to see more info



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