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Biotin Injections

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is part of the B-complex vitamins. It plays an important role in energy metabolism and cell growth. Biotin is found in small amounts in a variety of foods, but it can also be produced by intestinal bacteria.

Most people get enough biotin from their diet and products like shampoos. Your body will not absorb biotin when it is applied to the skin, which makes biotin injections preferable. When you have an injection with the correct dosage of biotin, it has been shown to increase hair growth and decrease hair loss. Hair thickness is improved, and your nails can also be strengthened.

What is biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in cell growth and energy metabolism. It is also known as vitamin B7, B8, or vitamin H. Your body cannot produce biotin directly, and it is not stored in the body for very long.

It is uncommon to be deficient, but excess consumption of raw egg (for example, in mayonnaise) can cause deficiencies. Avidin, a protein found in raw eggs, can bind to biotin and make it impossible for the body to absorb. Cooked eggs do not present the same problem.

Symptoms of biotin deficiency

While biotin deficiency is uncommon, it can lead to a range of symptoms:

  • Hair loss – biotin deficiency can cause brittle hair, which breaks easily and may lead to hair loss.
  • Nail problems – nails may become brittle, dry, or flaky.
  • Skin problems – eczema, dermatitis, and rashes may occur.
  • Fatigue – feelings of tiredness and weakness are common.
  • Muscle cramps – muscle pain and cramping may occur.
  • Insomnia – difficulty sleeping may be experienced.
  • Anxiety – anxiety and depression are common in biotin deficiency.
  • Digestive problems – constipation, diarrhoea, or nausea may occur.

Do biotin injections work?

Biotin injections work from inside your body, negating the problem of absorption when applied topically. A three-month course of biotin injections once every two weeks is usually recommended for the best possible results.

What is the best biotin intake method?

An intramuscular injection of biotin provides the most easily available source of the nutrient for your body. Tablets are available, but you may experience absorption issues with this method.

Biotin is not toxic, and there are no known side effects of taking too much biotin. However, as with all vitamins and supplements, it is important to speak to a doctor before starting any course of treatment.

Biotin for hair loss?

Biotin can be used as a treatment for hair loss, as it strengthens the hair shaft and can help with regrowth. It is most effective when used alongside other treatments, such as minoxidil.

Biotin for nail fungal?

Biotin can be used to treat nail fungal infections. The vitamin helps to keep nails healthy through the production of keratin cells which can increase nail strength. It may help to prevent further infections as it may influence keratin structure and provide resistance to fungus.

Benefits of biotin

  • Hair strength and growth – biotin helps with healthy hair growth. Biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss. Grey hair can also be prevented as biotin protects your natural hair pigment.
  • Nail health – biotin can help to keep nails healthy and prevent nail disorders such as brittle nails, and can boost nail growth.
  • Skin health – biotin is necessary for cell turnover, which can help to keep skin looking young and healthy.
  • Weight loss – biotin can help to break down fat cells, which can aid weight loss.
  • Cognitive function – biotin is essential for energy metabolism, which can help to improve cognitive function. Additionally, it is part of the synthesis process for myelin, which coats and protects elements of the nervous system.
  • Cholesterol – biotin helps regulate cholesterol levels in your body.
  • Blood pressure – biotin may help to lower and regulate blood pressure.
  • Anxiety and depression – deficiency in biotin has been linked to anxiety and depression. Taking biotin supplements may help to improve mood.
  • Heart and blood health – diabetes can be kept in check by biotin as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and may help to regulate blood pressure. Biotin helps retain optimum heart functionality.
  • Fertility – biotin is necessary for DNA replication and cell growth. It may help to improve fertility in both men and women.
  • Pregnancy – biotin is essential for pregnant women as it helps with foetal development, and also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. Biotin can reduce and prevent birth defects and may reduce the risk of premature birth or miscarriage.

Do biotin injections work?

Biotin injections work from inside your body, negating the problem of absorption when applied topically. A three-month course of biotin injections once every two weeks is usually recommended for the best possible results.

Biotin Production & Absorption

Gastroenteritis issues
Elderly individuals
Genetic causes
Use of certain medications
Long-term dieting
Intravenous feeding
Pregnancy and lactation

Biotin Production & Absorption

Red rashes on the skin
Brittle hair
Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
Upset stomach
Muscle pain
Dry eyes
Dry of scaly skin
Burning or prickling sensation in the hands or feet
Loss of appetite
Cracking in the corners of the mouth
Difficulty walking

Biotin Production & Absorption

Hair damage, breakage or thinning
Skin ageing or dehydration due to a reduction of the lipid barrier
Weight loss alongside a healthy diet and exercise
Energy boost
Hair discolouration
Weak or brittle nails
Immune system support


1 Session£79
6 Session£282
Combination of 1 vitamin C Injection & 6 session of Biotin£400
Vitamin B12 Shot
Course of 6 session£210
Vitamin C
Once every 8 weeks£179
Vitamin D3
Once every 6 months£130

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