Does the “Lemon Bottle” Treatment Work on Jowls?

lemon bottle

Does the “Lemon Bottle” Treatment Work on Jowls?

With the growing focus on non-invasive procedures that promise almost no downtime yet yield good results, lemon bottle becomes a hot topic.

One of those innovations that caught the public eye in 2023 was “Lemon Bottle” treatment—a drug that can be injected directly, looking to reduce fat specifically in the jowl area. Jowls are usually a part of natural aging, which adds to the hanging skin, especially around the chin or jawline. Contributing factors can be weight fluctuations, genetics, and sun exposure.

The Lemon Bottle treatment is carried out by the injection of a deoxycholic acid molecule lookalike compound—the molecule found naturally in assisting the human body in breaking down fat—offers to target, by disintegrating fat cells and tightening the skin, this less-desired facial feature.

The Science of the Lemon Bottle

Deoxycholic acid is already well-known to the cosmetic industry and is used predominantly in treatments of the Kybella type in the United States. The main principle of action of such preparations includes the property of destroying the membranes of fat cells, which the body can absorb and eliminate.

This process reduces the content of fat and initiates a mild inflammatory response, which may stimulate the production of collagen and cause a tightening effect of the skin.

The injectables in the Lemon Bottle contain deoxycholic acid and a mix of other ingredients—vitamins and amino acids—prepared with the sole design to increase the rate of fat dissolution, which supports skin health. That is promising, but it has to be critically considered for the efficacy and safety of such treatment.

Efficacy and Safety

Efficacy for the lemon bottle really does depend largely upon the technique and experience of the practitioner. As with any cosmetic procedure, results can vary markedly from one another based on the injector’s technique and understanding of facial anatomy. The desired effects can best be brought about without untoward effects through proper sites and depth of injection. Other tremendous concerns are its safety. With the use of deoxycholic acid, some side effects may be observed: pain, swelling, bruising, redness, and numbness. Other really severe side effects have been reported, but they are rare and include nerve damage that can give a person an uneven smile or weakness in the facial muscle.

Although the Lemon Bottle is quite a new idea and, so far, hasn’t been through a huge number of trials but so far, the evidence has shown promising results. Therefore, potential patients should look for practitioners who can give solid evidence of training, certification, and results. We have helped many clients to achieve the results they would like, feel free to contact us for more information and we would be more than happy to explain the details, features and benefits of lemon bottle, and in particular in reducing fat in your jowls. Book a consultation to find out more.

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