Cellulite Treatment & Fat Reduction

Fat and Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment & Fat Reduction

Fat and Cellulite Treatment London

The Harley Laser Specialists provide a range of Fat and Cellulite treatments including Hard Fat Reduction, Cellulite Treatment, Facial & Body Skin Tightening, Fine Lines Reduction, Non-Surgical Lipo, Reduction of Double Chin, Treatment for Sagging Skin, Non-Invasive Facelift, Ageing Skin & Unnatural Ageing Skin. Call us today to discover how we can help you.

Fat and Cellulite Treatment

Various billboards and posters advertise about ‘laser lipo’ or ‘fat and cellulite treatment’ etc. However, skepticism among people about the legitimacy of weight- loss/ get- slim gimmicks is normal. ‘Cellulite’ is the scientific name for the condition whereby subcutaneous body fat is herniated within the connective tissue fibers that physically shows off as dangling skin protuberance and skin lumping. Plump physique and flabby skin is aesthetically unappealing and undermine the confidence of the bearer. As the breeze of cosmetic surgeries has waved, fat and cellulite treatment has been rolling well but as the technology advancements are made daily, a new creative method called ‘fat freezing treatment’ has been under limelight lately.

Fat and cellulite treatment incorporates both therapeutic and pharmacological methods as well as by the administration of drugs. One of the methodologies adapted is the use of radio frequency whereby multi-polar radio waves are directed continually to the skin in order to uniformly heat it from the inside. Skin tightens up due to collagen fibers formation and fat cells tend to separate from water thereby enhancing the fat dissolving process. The result is tighter, firmer and elastic skin that was bulgy before. Cavitation is another effectual technology based on low-frequency ultrasound, which includes body sculpting & is ranked superior to laser lipo. Ultrasonic waves produce an impactful pressure wave on fat cell membranes which collapse under the trauma and are transformed into a liquid state. These are released to the gastrointestinal tract and degraded enzymatically leading to natural fat elimination.

Fat Freezing Treatment London

However, Fat freezing treatment, also called Cryolipolysis is an upcoming innovative body- contouring technology (approved by FDA) that is effective yet simple & non- invasive and uses exceedingly cold temperatures to freeze the fat cells. As far as the question of the mode of action is concerned, it involves chilling the fat in the targeted areas for a predetermined time period, by the application of two metal plates creating a vacuum space, so much so that fat cells crystallize. A gel patch is applied to the target area skin (bulge is held between plates) which is then cooled down.

Extreme cooling causes them to die off naturally as they dissolve over the time scale of a few months leading to eventual loss of the fat layer. Your skin, nerves, and blood vessels are not distressed at all. Factually, the dieter doesn’t tend to ‘lose’ any fat. It so happens that the fat cells release the fat which is further redistributed to other fat cells, not in the affected area. It may concern you that where does the fat go? Well, naturally the fats you intake are held inside cells that are like packets increasing or decreasing in size as per your eating habits. During fat freezing treatment, approximately 20% of these fat cells/ packets are killed; fat trapped inside is released and slowly reabsorbed over many days or metabolized by the body.

People concerned with side effects should know that fat freezing treatment is virtually painless however the very temporary loss of sensation, mild soreness or skin reddishness can occur. Thousands of procedures have been done so far with high success rates and without any rebounding effects. In comparison, laser lipo is more effortful and the patient tends to feel pain. Unlike radio frequency or Liposuction treatments whose results are more dramatically apparent, fat freezing treatment tends to ‘kill’ your fat cells resulting in a more certain and long lasting weight loss. It not only is part of fat and cellulite treatment but also used to stamp out those post-pregnancy slack fat tires.

The procedure completion relies on a professional clinical setting requiring several sessions to obtain the optimal outcome. Benefits of fat freezing treatment over other fat and cellulite reduction methods include 20-40% fat removal in one sitting that involves no pain, no anesthetic knock- out, No incisions and most importantly no post-treatment exercise plans. That still, however, doesn’t mean that the treated individual carries on the same diet and lifestyle and still expects the weight loss to be long-term.

This groundbreaking treatment strategy is not particularly designed for crash fat losses but is more effective in negating that stubborn fat that doesn’t go away with any diet or exercise plan whatsoever. Sessions last about 2-3 hours with per time cost of approximately $ 1500. Results appear in weeks to months time and are not immediate or short- term in nature. The plus point of fat freezing treatment is its safe and uncomplicated procedure.

It’s a sophisticated technique yet it may concern the people that results are not very drastic and you ideally need to be at your normal weight for the procedure to result positively. In addition to this, a very important precaution everyone must take when opting for this treatment is to consult reliable clinics only.


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