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The Image SkinCare MD Reconstructive Serum is formulated to hydrate the skin on a daily basis. The key ingredient in the serum is a complex of stabilized vitamin C called Tri-C Complex, which protects the skin from reactive oxygenated species.

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Product Description:

Also referred to by the acronym ROS, reactive oxygenated species are so named because they are chemically reactive molecules that contain oxygen. ROS is actually a natural byproduct of the normal metabolism of oxygen in the body. However, when there are environmental stresses, such as ultraviolet rays or overexposure to the sun, ROS levels can significantly increase. Excess ROS can damage cellular proteins, lipids, and DNA, thus speeding up the skin?s aging process. In more extreme cases, increased ROS can cause more serious skin conditions via lesions that can eventually develop into cancer.


With this in mind, revolutionary dermatology company Image SkinCare has developed the MD Reconstruction Serum to combat the damaging effects of the sun. Armed with the trademarked Tri-C Complex, which is exclusive to Image SkinCare, the serum reduces the appearance of brown spots and other types of sun damage. Other benefits include the reduction of inflammation and irritation, the boosting of the skin?s natural healing response, and the increase of collagen production to smoothen away the lines and wrinkles that symbolize aging. The Reconstructive Serum also has potent skin lighteners, which aid in making the skin more even in tone and complexion.

How To Use:

To use the Image SkinCare MD Reconstructive Serum, first start off by cleansing the skin, then apply the serum to it. For best results, use the serum in the morning and evening every day. Also, allow the serum to penetrate before applying a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB moisturizer. That way, the skin is optimally protected from ultraviolet rays that speed up the aging process, but also contribute to reddening and sunburn.