Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Men?

laser hair removal

Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Men?

Laser Hair Removal is evidently one of the most popular cosmetic procedures amongst women in the last few years, as it offers the prospect of a permanent solution to unwanted hair.
The latest question is: Does this really work even on males, taking into consideration their usually thicker and more abundant growth of hair?

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

“Laser hair removal” refers to the removal of hair follicles that destroy them using a focused beam of light to reduce the growth of hairs.

This method is, therefore, highly preferred because of the long-term effect it brings. It should be preferred to ordinary approaches used in homes, like shaving or waxing. Some of the zones of hair problems for a man include the back, chest, and beard. Laser hair removal can hugely benefit such zones.

The Male Perspective

For the male individual, hair is thicker and denser, and the most outstandingly unique challenge posed against any hair removal method. Equally effective is the hair removal procedure for men using laser technology. The technology zeroes in on the hair at the root, impervious whether the hair is fine or the skin’s surface is bumpy.

Candela Laser

When discussing laser hair removal, the Candela laser system deserves special mention.

The first thing that differentiates Candela laser from the rest in the market is, for one, its flexible and safe use; first off, it is of designed efficiency on every kind of skin since men are known to have varied skin tones. The second reason is that the Candela Laser has dynamic cooling technology, which minimizes the skin during the process of treatment; hence, more comfort is experienced during treatment.

The Candela laser, in particular, has proved effective in reducing hair growth. Many men noticed great reductions in some series of treatments. Sessions are dependent upon the type and color of the hair and the area that requires treatment; however, with precise and effective use of Candela laser, this is perfect for all those who wish for lasting results.

Considerations and Expectations
While most of the time laser hair removal, through the use of Candela laser, is very effective, it is important that men have realistic expectations. Many factors control the chief of them; hence, hormone results may vary growth. Most men would have to go through more than one treatment session in order to get the smooth area that they desire, and more maintenance sessions in the future if they want the area free from hair.

Besides, it must be done from a good clinic with experienced practitioners. Experience is more important than the technology used in doing hair removal by laser treatment.

So, does laser hair removal work on men? Absolutely. Through new technology, more so with systems like Candela laser, it has brought a thrilling experience to men with its capability to offer smooth, hair-free skin. This offers a perfect resolution for men, either for aesthetics, comfort, or hygiene. In the same way as in other cosmetic procedures, it is always advised to talk to the professionals, so that you will know the process, the probable results, and how to take care once it is done. Laser hair removal is but an example of how modern technologies can be applied even for the simplest solutions; it is sure that every man in the world has to consider it, book a consultation with us to find out the best laser hair removal option for you!

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