Microneedling vs. Traditional Dermarollers: Which is Better?

Microneedling vs. Traditional Dermarollers: Which is Better?

Microneedling vs. Traditional Dermarollers: Which is Better?

The treatment of microneedling in the world of dermatology is now improving skin texture, reducing scars, and increasing collagen production. Of the two most popular devices, Dermapen and traditional dermarollers, which should one choose?

Understanding Microneedling

Microneedling—also referred to as collagen induction therapy—is a procedure during which small micro-injuries are made in the skin and its natural process of wound healing is evoked, thus being oriented toward the production of collagen and elastin. Everything that follows is smoother, firmer, and more even skin. Microneedling has quite a wide application in fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation reduction, as well as in treating acne scars.

Traditional Dermarollers: The Basics

A traditional derma roller is made up of a cylindrical drum studded with tiny needles that are usually measured in length from 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm. The tiny formed micro-punctures on the skin therefore trigger the skin repair process. Dermaroller is available over the counter and also convenient since it can be used from the patient’s home.

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The Dermapen is a more advanced device for microneedling, performing the same working principle, in which it is introduced. It appears as a pen with a disposable needle tip that moves up and down in a controlled way to create micro-injuries. One is able to control the depth, which can be adapted according to areas of the face to be treated and specific skin concerns. The Dermapen is used, for the most part, by professionals in clinical settings. Although versions are available for at-home use, they are used in professional setups.

Precision and Control

Precision is one of the major advantages of the Dermapen over the traditional dermarollers. Different needle-depth settings can address the specific skin condition appropriately. This is also uniformly expressed, unlike dermarollers that come with a fixed length in the needle size. In addition, trauma to the skin is lesser because of the vertical insertion of needles by the Dermapen, which in turn helps in reducing complications and hence provides lesser downtime.

Safety and Hygiene

Safety and hygiene form part of the most important hallmark of skincare treatment. The use of disposable needle tips in the Dermapen greatly reduces any infective risk. Dermarollers, on the other hand, have to be cleaned and sterilized in between treatment to prevent contamination. The inadequacy in hygiene of dermarollers within a clinical setting can potentially lead to skin infections and other complications.

Effectiveness and Results

In terms of efficacy, microneedling with a Dermapen is usually much better compared to conventional use of dermarollers. Controlled and consistent needle penetration ensures similar treatment at every point to boost collagen and texture overall. The pressure concentration can be unequal, hence leading to inconsistency in the results, since dermarollers amass the pressure due to the rolling action.

Pain and Comfort

Microneedling can certainly be extremely uncomfortable; the design of the device can significantly improve pain tolerance. The vertical needling of the Dermapen generally feels a lot less uncomfortable than the dragging of dermarolling. Further, the needle depth and pain can be adjusted according to the patient’s pain threshold and to what either the needled area can take.

Cost Implications

While a Dermapen treatment is more expensive than buying a dermaroller, perhaps more important is its overall result and future. Professional Dermapen sessions are going to be more expensive, but they also vouch for greater standards of care and safety. On the contrary, there are units for in-house microneedling available for purchase, like Dermapen, online; however, one would have to be careful.

For most users, Dermapen wins over traditional dermarollers in the battle of microneedling Dermapen versus any other device. This is because it is more exact, allowing the user to have a safe and secure way to foster ultimate around-the-clock skin restoration. Personal preference and the state of one’s budget will have to play a major role in deciding which microneedling device is most suitable for you, based on your skin woes. Advice from a skin practitioner will help tailor further guidance to your unique needs. Whether it is the good old dermaroller or the newfangled Dermapen, the concept of microneedling is a potent addition to the armamentarium of ways by which to get better skin. Book your free consultation with us now if you’re interested in our dermapen microneedling.

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